LCS fans don’t understand the broadcast changes: “Dash could easily still fit”

Dash when he was the desk host of the LCSRiot Games

LCS fans took to Reddit to discuss the changes or lack thereof, in the LCS broadcast without long-time desk host James ‘Dash’ Patterson.

The LCS held its first week of matches of the 2023 Spring Split on January 26 and was the first LCS broadcast without its former desk host, Dash. Riot Games said its decision to not bring Dash back for the 2023 season as a host was because the broadcast was going away from a traditional sports desk setup.

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But, fans of the LCS that tuned into the new show did not see much of a change. The new analyst segment without Dash featured couches instead of a desk and Joshua ‘Jatt’ Leesman played the role of host and analyst.

The LCS broadcast structure hasn’t changed much without Dash

“LCS broadcast ain’t that different,” a post on the League of Legends subreddit said. “It’s largely the same structure. With an analyst desk segment (now couch lol), but Jatt is just doing the hosting.”

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The post, and its responses, also questioned Riot’s initial statement about its decision to let Dash go from the LCS broadcast.

“The explanation from Riot does not reflect reality to me. Dash could easily still fit,” the post said.

Since moving on from the LCS full-time, Dash worked with FlyQuest to make content for the start of the season, done some LCS co-streaming, started an LCS-based podcast, and booked a hosting gig in Valorant.

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Riot also said that the former desk host will still appear on the LCS broadcast, just in different types of content for the show.

The first week of the LCS show did have some new segments to fill time between games as content creator ‘QTCinderella’ guest starred on the broadcast in a cooking segment and as an interviewer.