LCS fans bewildered by “cringe” Karl Jacobs broadcast interview

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Karl Jacobs and sapnap had an interview come up on the LCS broadcast while they were co-streaming the Spring 2023 Grand Finals, but LCS fans didn’t quite know what to make of Jacobs’ distinct sense of humor.

The LCS broadcast has been branching out in 2023, with many different content creators getting the chance to cameo on the main stream and bring their personalities to the broadcast.

From QTCinderella’s broadcast segments to CouRage casting a few matches, the LCS has been trying to bring more people to the broadcast and get content creators involved with the league. These are just part of the broadcast changes that the LCS aimed to make going into 2023.

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Karl Jacobs and sapnap are massive content creators with millions of subs on YouTube, and they got the chance to be on the LCS broadcast via an interview while they were livestreaming the event. However, those who didn’t know who Karl Jacobs was were left scratching their heads.

Karl Jacobs leaves LCS fans confused with broadcast interview

For the most part, the content creators that have been on the LCS broadcast so far in 2023 have been a hit with the general audience.

Even people who don’t know QTCinderella praised her ability to put on a show and come up with creative broadcast segments, while CouRage brought the skills he gained by casting Fortnite in the past to the desk and fit right in with his co-casters.

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However, Karl Jacobs’ awkward sense of humor requires a bit of context from his videos. And, for an audience that may not be familiar with his content, this interview was tough to watch.

Interviewer Gabby Durden wasn’t too sure what to make of him. sapnap kept things on topic with the game, while Jacobs interrupted her repeatedly and answered questions with awkward silence.

Chatters on the Twitch stream were spamming “cringe” and question marks during the interview, and the in-person audience was dead quiet despite these two being featured on the big screen.

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Jacobs replied to Gabby’s tweet, saying that he’s working on his nerves. She didn’t let him off the hook.

Many of the personalities who have been on the LCS broadcast have been a universal boon, bringing their unique take on content to the show. This is the first instance so far of a broadcast segment involving a creator guest spot being a miss with the community.

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