LCK’s Fredit Brion forced to forfeit match versus Gen.G due to roster complications

Meg Kay
Riot Games Korea

Fredit Brion have been forced to forfeit their second-last match of the LCK regular season as the whole roster tested positive, with a reschedule of the match deemed impossible due to scheduling conflicts. 

The LCK has been feeling the strain of the global health crisis in recent months, with multiple teams forced to make roster substitutions as players continue to test positive. The most recent victims of this new wave of cases are Fredit Brion, who currently sit in fifth place in the LCK standings with a 7-10 record.

On March 15th, the LCK announced that Fredit Brion would be forfeiting their match against Gen.G due to unavailability of substitutes for Brion’s roster.

Players on both Brion’s academy and main rosters tested positive, meaning that normal roster substitutions could not be made.

With the LCK currently playing in-person from Korea’s LoL Park, players with a positive test are unable to attend official matches, and the league has not offered the option for players to compete from their practice facilities.

Rescheduling ‘cannot be applied’ to the match

Normally, the LCK would offer a reschedule in the case that a team were unable to play one of their matches as planned. However, the proximity to the end of the season means that a reschedule was impossible for either team.

The LCK confirmed that they would not be scheduling matches after the final day of the regular season, as that would interfere with the league’s plans to hold tie-breaker matches on the final day of competition.

According to their announcement, if a reschedule was not able to take place before the final Thursday before playoffs (in this case, March 17th), then the team unable to compete would be handed a forfeit. Provided that all players involved are able to make a swift recovery, Fredit Brion’s final match of the split versus Damwon KIA will go head-on March 19th.