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LCK host Mina Kim leaves quarantine after coronavirus scare

Published: 23/Feb/2020 15:11 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 18:23

by Daniel Cleary


Korean League of Legends host Mina Kim’s quarantine has come to an end after being removed from the LCK broadcast on February 23 amid fears that she had been infected with Coronavirus.

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, which has now been named Covid-19, has spread to many other countries since originating in Wuhan, China.

As it has still not been fully contained, the dangers of the pneumonia-like virus are still quite high, particularly in Korea.


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The Korean league, LCK, has begun to take precautionary measures amid coronavirus scare.

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Following the outbreak, the Chinese LPL announced that it would be taking precautionary measures and suspended all further games for the safety of the players.

However, during the LCK which continued with their matches on February 23, LoL caster Atlus revealed that the coronavirus may have affected them as well, explaining that LCK host Mina Kim had been struck with a fever.

“Unfortunately we need to go back to the fact that Mina was taken away, she had a bit of a fever which meant that there’s a chance she has coronavirus.” he shared, adding that they will keep LCK fans updated.


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“We’re taking as many precautions as possible so it’s likely that she’s fine,” Atlus continued, “all of the teams that have come in contact with her, especially today, have been notified and as soon as we find out more we’re going to let everyone know.”

“Hopefully Mina is absolutely okay and everything is fine but for now we’re just going to be as careful as possible and that means all of us as well,” the LCK caster added.

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After spending almost a full day in quarantine, ESPN Esports reporter and LCK interviewer Ashley Kang confirmed that Kim’s tests had returned, providing fans with some positive news after the scare.


“Mina Kim came out negative on the test!” she wrote on Twitter. “No more quarantine.”

While Kim has been cleared of carrying the Coronavirus, there is currently no word on when she will return to LCK broadcasts, and it remains to be seen as to whether she will carry out hosting duties next weekend.

The LCK is already competing behind closed doors, with audience members not permitted to enter the arena and watch the matches in person as Korea tries to combat the outbreak.