Jankos leaked “illegal” Team Heretics pause taken during LEC match


In an on-stream clip, Jankos admitted that he covered for Jackspektra and aided him in taking a pause that’s normally “illegal” due to a minor issue with his monitor.

The LEC’s opening weekend was filled with technical pauses and broadcast delays, something that fans of the league have called out the broadcast for. Viewership has taken a noticeable dive in comparison to last year following these issues.

Fans have been informed that there are some firmware issues on the broadcast, and that LEC officials plan to iron out these issues ahead of the rest of the season.

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While there were many legitimate tech issues that involved firmware, Team Heretics’ Marcin ‘Jankos’ Jankowski admitted to taking what was, according to him, an “illegal” tech pause to fix a small issue with teammate Jakob ‘Jackspektra’ Kepple’s monitor.

Jankos admits to “illegal” LEC pause for Team Heretics

The rulebook for any League of Legends pro circuit is surprisingly dense, with a variety of rulings around every aspect of the league. Referees are always on staff to help deal with any in-game issues experienced during play.

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Pauses are a particularly large point of regulation due to how disruptive they can be, and are usually treated with a great deal of care.

However, Jankos revealed that he helped Jackspektra take a pause that could be considered illegal and may result in penalties if LEC officials chose to pursue action against the team.

Jankos said Jackspektra wasn’t used to playing on a 240Hz monitor and was used to 144Hz, so he wanted to pause in order to change the settings of the monitor to be at a refresh rate he was used to.

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He explained that this isn’t the sort of thing teams can pause for. “Normally, this is illegal. You can only pause if it’s a big problem.”

“This is something you have to check before the game starts. So… don’t snitch, but Jack paused and said, ‘I need to change hertz.’, and then the referee was like, ‘What do you have to do?’, and then I was like, ‘Monitor problem!’ I didn’t want the referee to understand why Jack is pausing.”

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It’s up to LEC officials to decide whether or not it’s worth taking action against Team Heretics for the pause. The issue hasn’t been addressed at the time of writing.

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