Insane League exploit lets Sylas permanently steal ultimates

Riot Games

A new League exploit has surfaced on Patch 10.19 that allows Sylas to pocket enemy ultimates as basic abilities for the rest of the game. While it might seem like a complicated glitch, it’s actually easy to reproduce.

Sylas’ whole kit revolves around stealing enemy ultimates at the right time. Having a clutch Ornn horn in your pocket can make contesting objectives incredibly easy. However, you usually have to wait some time to cycle through to the next one.

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A new exploit has completely changed you might play Sylas though. Somehow, in some way, Sylas is now able to permanently steal and store enemy ultimates on his basic abilities, and it’s all thanks to Kha’Zix.

Freljord Sylas in League of LegendsRiot Games
Sylas is designed to steal enemy ultimates, but he’s not meant to have access to them like this.

Sharing the exploit on September 21, bug squasher Vandiril showcased just how the interaction works. If Sylas steals an enemy ultimate between levels six and 10, it’ll be stored in waiting ⁠— even after you use it.

Then, when Sylas hits level 11, all he has to do is steal Kha’Zix ultimate, level his own ultimate, and then use the Kha’Zix evolution point he gains on his W. He shouldn’t have access to the evolution, but it permanently alters his own W from that point on.

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When Sylas then goes to W while he has a stolen Kha’Zix ult, he will fire out three missiles. As Vandiril demonstrates, this can be used to throw out massive Nami waves, or waveclear like a boss with Graves ⁠— all on a five second cooldown.

“It works because Sylas stores these certain ults in the special spell slot ⁠— that is later kept and used with Kha’Zix W,” Vandiril explained in the video.

That’s not the only game-breaking interaction between the exiled Demacian and Kha’Zix. Sylas can also choose to evolve his other basic abilities to get other Kha’Zix buffs on them. If he upgrades his E, he gets the reset on kill. Q? Bonus damage in isolation.

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Riot are yet to speak publicly about the exploit. Given how it gives Sylas access to several game-changing abilities, they are likely working overtime to find a fix. However, they are yet to take the step of disabling him just yet.

If you want to try this exploit out for yourself, just be mindful of doing it in a matchmade game. Riot has previously punished exploit abusers with permanent account bans, and they could very well do the same here.

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