League of Legends

Imaqtpie and Liquid Olleh reveal the only reason they would play an unranked LoL game

by Mitch Reames


On the popular League of Legends talk show “Beyond the Rift” Team Liquid support Olleh had a funny answer to a question posed by the host, and retired player, Imaqtpie.


“Beyond the Rift” airs every Thursday at 4 PM PDT with Imaqtpie joined by fellow retired player Scarra. The duo brings on guests from around the League of Legends pro scene, like Olleh.

While both retired, Imaqtpie and Scarra both showed they still have LoL skills when their team “Meme Stream Dream Team” won the Streamer Showdown at the 2018 NA LCS Summer Playoffs.


A viewer of the show apparently asked the trio if they ever play “normal” (unranked) games to practice new champions, Olleh only has one situation where he protects his rank, and it’s not because of an unfamiliar champion.

“Do you ever play normal games at all or do you only play ranked?” Imaqtpie asked. Olleh responded: “I think, just play normal games with girls, that’s it.”


The response caused a fit of laughter from Scarra, as Imaqtpie agreed with Olleh.

“I 100% agree right there,” he said. “Normal game, play with girlfriend, useless any other way.”

The clip ends with Scarra and Imaqtpie saying in the last year they both had 100% ranked games played on their accounts, which apparently doesn’t bode well for their love lives.