Ibai & Pique have reportedly signed League of Legends players and coaches

ibai Gerard Piqué league of legendsIbai Instagram / Riot Games

Popular Twitch streamer Ibai Llanos and Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué have reportedly reached an agreement with League of Legends staff ahead of the LVP SuperLiga 2022 campaign.

A Dot report said the two have reached verbal agreements with players and coaches who will debut for the new team. Branding or a team name has yet to be revealed.

Prolific AD carry Rafa ‘Rafitta’ Zapata and jungle Luis ‘Koldo’ Pérez have agreed to sign with the team.

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Ibai and Piqué have also tapped UCAM’s esports manager David ‘Saba’ Sabater to come aboard, according to the report. The team will be led by head coach Jesús ‘Falco’ Pérez Rubio and assistant coach Tiago ‘Aziado’ Rodrigues.

Ibai’s League of Legends team debut

ibai Gerard Piqué league of legendsIbai Twitch
Ibai and Gerard Piqué have started building their League of Legends and will reveal the full team in December 2021.

The team is expected to debut in the next season of the SuperLiga, Riot’s premier European Regional League circuit in Spain.

Ibai and Piqué purchased Astralis SB’s spot in the league for €300,000 ($355,316) in September.

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They have yet to sign anyone but will announce their team on December 15 when the org will be fully unveiled. They are expected to reveal the League team name, jersey, sponsors, and even content creators.

Ibai is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch whose roots as a League of Legends caster has since catapulted him to befriend some of the most famous people in the world like Lionel Messi.

The Spanish streamer has been adamant about owning and operating his own LoL team.

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Along with Piqué, the pair will soon debut their SuperLiga squad who will compete against teams including G2 Arctic, MAD Lions Madrid, and Vodafone Giants.

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