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League of Legends • Sep 27, 2019

How to play LoL Worlds 2019 in-game event - dates, missions, rewards

How to play LoL Worlds 2019 in-game event - dates, missions, rewards
Riot Games

The League of Legends Worlds 2019 in-game event is here, and there’s tons of rewards for players to earn along the way.


Every year, Riot releases a special event to align with the World Championship. In-game missions allow players to earn special rewards like Blue and Orange Essence, skin orbs, Prestige Points, and even Gemstones.

The Worlds 2019 event is set to be stacked with tons of missions and heaps of rewards, and will be the longest running in-game event in League’s history. If you want to get in on all the action and see what you can get, check out all of the details below.


When does the Worlds 2019 in-game event start?

The Worlds 2019 event is now live, having started on September 26. Players have eight weeks to finish all of the weekly missions and collect as many Worlds tokens as they can.

The in-game promotion will end on November 19 at 11am PT.


What are the missions in the Worlds 2019 in-game event?

There are two sets of missions for the Worlds 2019 in-game event. There’s a set of base missions every player has access to, and there’s the special Worlds Pass missions included with the 2019 Worlds Pass.

The base missions for the event change every week, and more missions will unlock as you play more games. Players will be capped at 400 Tokens if they complete all of the base missions.

Here’s a list of all currently known missions:

WeekNameObjective 1Objective 2Reward
Week 1Broken PathwayAs Riven, knock an enemy champion up with the third hit of Broken Wings (Q) three timesPlay five games10 Worlds Tokens
Week 1UnforgettableWin two games while wearing a skinPlay seven games20 Worlds Tokens
Week 1Welcome to WorldsWin two games of Summoner's Rift in under 35 minutesPlay seven games20 Worlds Tokens
No limitWorlds 2019Play 30 gamesN/A80 Worlds Tokens + Worlds Orb


The 2019 Worlds Pass costs 1650 RP, and grants players access to 200 Worlds Tokens, 4 Worlds Orbs, an exclusive in-game icon, and additional tokens for playing the game. 

The 2019 Worlds Pass missions require players to hit certain milestones across the four weeks. Players earn five points for a win in match-made games, while they earn two points for a loss. These missions will end on November 25 at 11am PT instead of November 19.

Milestone 140 points5 Prestige Points + Mystery Emote
Milestone 280 points5 Prestige Points + 1000 Orange Essence
Milestone 3120 points5 Prestige Points + Little Legends Egg (Series 1-3)
Milestone 4160 points5 Prestige Points + Worlds 2019 Orb
Milestone 5200 points5 Prestige Points + Gemstones
Riot Games
The Worlds missions will revolve around champions who recently got skins like Riven.


What rewards are on offer in the Worlds 2019 shop?

The Worlds 2019 shop features rewards for three different events - Immortal Journey, Championship, and High Noon. All three promotions will run at the same time during the Worlds 2019 in-game event. The shop will close on November 25 at 11am PT.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can buy in the Worlds 2019 shop by event category:

Immortal Journey

Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition2000 Tokens
100 Prestige Points + Icon2200 Tokens
Little Legends Series 1 Egg600 Tokens
Little Legends Series 2 Egg600 Tokens
Little Legends Series 3 Egg600 Tokens
Little Legends Series 1-3 Egg400 Tokens
Let Me Out! Animated Emote150 Tokens
Majestic Empress Morgana Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Splendid Staff Nami Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Valiant Sword Riven Border + Icon250 Tokens
Majestic Empress Morgana Border + Icon250 Tokens
Splendid Staff Nami Border + Icon250 Tokens
Don't Make Me Laugh Emote75 Tokens
uwu Emote75 Tokens
Immortal Journey 2019 Icon50 Tokens


Championship Ryze Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Ryze Border + Icon250 Tokens
Championship Thresh Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Ashe Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Kha'Zix Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Zed Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Shyvana Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Kalista Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Championship Riven 2016 Golden Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
Worlds 2019 Emote75 Tokens
Worlds 2019 Orb200 Tokens
100 Blue Essence10 Tokens
10 Blue Essence1 Token
3 Keys180 Tokens
1 Key60 Tokens
1 Key Fragment20 Tokens
1 Random Champion Shard50 Tokens

High Noon

The High Noon shop will open on October 10 at 1pm PT.

High Noon Ashe Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
High Noon Hecarim Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
High Noon Darius Chroma + Icon300 Tokens
High Noon Ashe Border + Icon250 Tokens
High Noon Hecarim Chroma + Icon250 Tokens
High Noon Darius Chroma + Icon250 Tokens
One Corn Chip Animated Emote150 Tokens
What in Tarnation Emote75 Tokens
High Noon 2019 Ward150 Tokens
High Noon 2019 Icon50 Tokens
Riot Games
Be sure to pick up the Chroma, Border, and Icon for Championship Ryze in the Worlds 2019 Shop.

While you are playing the in-game missions, be sure to follow along with the pros in Europe with our Worlds 2019 hub

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