How to get LoL Esports drops: LCS, LEC, LCK & more

LoL esports dropsRiot Games

Watching League of Legends pro play can net you drops for in-game items, but the process is a bit more complicated than just watching games. Here’s how you can take advantage of drops while watching your favorite league.

Twitch drops are a method many games use to reward viewers for watching content around their game, and they often reward dedicated fans for supporting their favorite pro leagues or upcoming titles. Games like Overwatch have gained a ton of popularity through using drop-based tactics.

However, drops for watching LoL Esports are a bit more complicated than normal Twitch drops. There are a few initial steps you have to take to take full advantage of drops from watching LoL Esports events.

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In fact, you can’t even get drops from watching the stream on Twitch like most other games. Here’s how you can get free loot while watching League of Legends esports.

How to get drops while watching LoL Esports

For those tuning into their favorite League of Legends pro league, there’s a way to be rewarded for your time and viewership with some drops.

Various emotes and icons are available for viewers to nab, with limited-time rewards based on certain big events like MSI and Worlds being commonplace.

However, not everyone can get these drops. First, you have to be watching on your Riot account, and you can only get these drops by watching matches on the LoL Esports website. At the time of writing, drops are only enabled for the LCS. Watching other leagues won’t net you anything.

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Drops for the year have debuted with the LCS, with other regions following shortly after. Riot has yet to give a definite date on these drops, other than that they’re coming soon.

Additionally, drops are oriented around in-game objectives and events this time around rather than just being random. Pentakills have the highest chance of a drop, with objective steals and what’s listed as “other moments” in their explainer also having a chance of drops.

There’s also a lot of RNG involved here, and it’s been made clear that you may not get drops for days at a time while sometimes getting multiple drops in the span of a single broadcast. It all depends on what happens in that day’s games and whether or not you’re lucky enough to get one.

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