How to get League of Legends esports drops: Rewards, release date, more

Riot Games

Riot Games have officially announced that they will be bringing drops to League of Legends esports streams, and we’ve got all the information you need to start raking them in.

Many top games and esport titles now are offering drops for watching their streams: the Call of Duty League recently announced that in-game cosmetics would become available for viewers, while CS:GO fans will regularly tune in to Major tournaments to see if they get lucky with their random drops.

Now, though, Riot are bringing random drops to the Rift, with viewers able to collect their earnings simply by watching matches.

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Riot Games
Drops are officially coming to League of Legends esports streams.

It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, though and there are a few steps to complete before you’re eligible to win.

That said, you can earn rewards regardless of which region or server you play in, so it is open to everyone, according to the company’s official post.

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How to earn League of Legends esports drops

When specific moments occur during a match, such as Baron steals, pentakills, or a series going to the final game, some of them will be celebrated with a Drop.

Here’s how to make sure you can get drops whenever something monumental occurs:

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  1. Log in to with your League of Legends account and, on the Rewards page, opt-in to receive rewards and drops.
  2. If a Drop is triggered by an in-game moment, a notification will appear on-screen. To claim the Drop, you can click the on-screen notification or visit the drop page anytime afterward.
  3. To see what Drops and third party rewards you’ve earned, head to the Drops tab on your Profile page.

Be warned, though, that at launch, you will only be able to earn drops from live matches, though Riot hopes to develop their offering as time goes on.

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What can you earn from League of Legends drops?

Riot Games
Clash tickets will be one of the rewards available in drops.

While they didn’t go into extensive specifics, Riot did hint at the type of things players can earn when tuning in to the live streams. It’s worth noting that it was implied there could be more to come, but here’s what is confirmed so far:

  • Skin shards
  • Chromas
  • Prestige Points
  • Clash tickets

As mentioned, the post itself seemed to be a little ambiguous and open-ended in this regard, so don’t be surprised to see more added to this list after drops are officially launched.

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Drops will begin to occur during the third week of the Summer Split for LCS and LEC, and it’s not yet clear whether this will expand to other leagues such as LCK or LPL just yet.

For now, make sure you’re ready to go for when the Summer Split officially starts by following the steps above, and hopefully luck will be in your favor!