Hilarious fan theory on why Bang left SKT for 100 Thieves LoL

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League of Legends professional player Bae ‘Bang’ Jun-sik recently swapped Korea for North America, leaving fans questioning if the move was purely financially motivated, but one fan has a hilarious theory of their own.

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Bang joined 100 Thieves after departing South Korean powerhouse SK Telecom T1, leaving the Korean LoL scene for an opportunity to play in North America.

Swapping Korea for North American isn’t exactly uncommon but in a post on the League of Legends subreddit, user Hey_its_Griff says they believe Bang has made the move to be close to Cloud9 player and cosplayer Zachary ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi.

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Riot Gaming/LOL EsportsSneaky is a top LoL pro but is also known for his Cosplaying
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Despite being a top pro, Sneaky is also renowned for his cosplay of League of Legends characters

Picking up on a previous news article, Hey_its_Griff points out that Bang pledged to do a cosplay with Sneaky centred around the Xayah/Rakan characters if the pair made it to the All-Stars event.

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Both Sneaky and Bang were voted to the All-Stars event by the fans, with the Korean confirming that he spoken to the C9 player but was still preparing his cosplay.

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Hey_its_Griff goes on to state: “Bang clearly only came to NA to start his career as a professional cosplayer, and now that he and Sneaky live so close to each other everything is finally falling into place.”

It may not be a super serious post by Hey_its_Griff, but Bang and Sneaky are yet to fulfil their promise of a Cosplay from earlier in the year so fans will be hoping that the pair come through on that now seeing as they will be within close proximity to each other.