Golden Guardians forgot their own LoL players in announcement tweet

GG forgets LoL playersGolden Guardians/LCS | Twitch

Golden Guardians have gone through many roster iterations through the Summer Split. So many that they’ve forgotten to list some of their own players.

In what was an incredibly bizarre late-season roster move, Golden Guardians acquired River from Dignitas to replace Pridestalker in the jungle during the last weeks of the Summer Split.

Pridestalker was with Golden Guardians for most of the season as their jungler, and, while he had a strong individual performance statistically through the season, he was ultimately replaced. But Golden Guardians seem to have forgotten about Pridestalker already.

One final misplay to end Golden Guardians season

In a recent announcement tweet thanking all their players after getting eliminated from Playoffs, Golden Guardians left Pridestalker out of the announcement entirely.

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Twitter user Fabian Broich (@SportsPsycFaBro) pointed this out with a tweet that, at the time of writing, has ‘ratioed’ Golden Guardians’ announcement.

While this player has been replaced by River on the main roster, Pridestalker is still signed with Golden Guardians and is on their roster. Additionally, he played for most of the season in both Spring and Summer, making this omission even more puzzling.

Pridestalker wasn’t the only roster swap that happened this season for Golden Guardians, and also wasn’t the only name omitted from this tweet.

Chime – a player who has since joined TSM – played for Golden Guardians’ Academy team in the 2022 Spring Split, and he was also left out. Chime had been with Golden Guardians since 2020 before leaving.

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Chime getting player of the series against FlyQuest in the Playoffs

Unfortunately, despite having strong early game stats across both Spring and Summer, Golden Guardians were unable to find many wins in the regular season and just barely scraped their way into Playoffs.

Golden Guardians’ new roster did manage to push CLG to 5 games in a lower bracket set, and just barely missed out on their chance to stay alive in the Playoffs by eliminating the fourth-place regular season team.

Golden Guardians forgot LoL playersLCS | Twitch
Ablazeolive hugging it out with CLG’s Contractz after their 3-2 loss

At the time of writing, Golden Guardians have yet to make a statement or take the tweet down.