Game-breaking League of Legends bug permanently sticking players to Sett

. 2 years ago
Sett and Akali
Riot Games

A League of Legends player has encountered a game-breaking bug with new champion Sett that causes enemy players to become permanently “attached” to him.

Sett, a gang boss and pit fighting champion from Ionia, is the latest character to join the League of Legends roster, officially going live on January 14.

For many fans, the solo-lane bruiser has been a welcome departure from the complexity of recent champion designs, with Sett’s kit being relatively straightforward by comparison to the likes of his predecessors Aphelios, Senna, or Qiyana.

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However, Reddit user ItsEthanBradberry has encountered a major bug with the new champion which can totally change the game by causing an enemy to become locked to Sett, unable to move away from him no matter where he goes, or even if he dies.

League of Legends champion Sett sitting on a throne in his splash art.
Riot Games
Sett is the latest champion to join the League of Legends roster.

After using his ultimate to kill the enemy Akali, during a team fight in which he ultimately picked up a quadra kill, the red-side Sett was ultimately taken down on the edge of the blue base. When Akali respawned, however, she did so not in her own fountain, but on top of Sett’s corpse.

Akali appears unable to move from Sett’s body, but the situation only got worse for her when he respawned – as she too appeared in the red-side fountain, and was immediately killed by the fountain lasers.

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The issue appears to have lasted for the entire game, with Akali having no choice upon each respawn but to try in vain to deal as much damage to Sett as possible before her inevitable demise. With Sett’s greatest strengths being in close-quarters combat, and Akali typically reliant on her ability to dive in and out on a fight, the bug only enhanced the mismatch between the pair.

It’s not entirely clear what causes this bug or whether it can be deliberately reproduced, but with multiple players reporting having encountered it, it seems at least that it’s not just a one-off. Riot have not yet responded to the issue, but players facing Sett will undoubtedly be hoping for a quick fix.

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