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Game-breaking League glitch makes Rek’Sai almost unplayable

Published: 18/Sep/2020 13:48

by Daniel Cleary


A game-breaking glitch in League of Legends has made Rek’Sai almost unplayable after Riot tried to fix a bug with the champion in the patch 10.19.

Riot has released their final set of League of Legends changes ahead of Worlds 2020 with patch 10.19 and it included some significant nerfs to champs like Senna, Lucian, Azir, and more.

There were also some bug fixes included in the latest patch, including one which addressed a glitch that would stop Rek’Sai’s ability cooldowns from working as intended.

Reksai in League of Legends
Riot Games
A glitch with Rek’Sai has been ruining players’ matches.

Rek’Sai broken by new League bug

The bizarre bug has left many Rek’Sai mains frustrated in recent weeks, after it was discovered that cooldowns for the champion’s ‘unburrowed’ ability set would not tick down when she was in her ‘burrowed’ form.


This resulted in players dealing far less damage with their abilities while switching between forms but, despite Riot’s latest attempts to fix this bug, it now seems to have come back much worse than before.

League of Legends YouTuber Vandiril explained that although a temporary bug fix was added in patch 10.19, after the Rek’Sai is killed once in-game, a new version of the bizarre glitch would appear.

“After Rek’Sai dies once in the game, she is even more broken than before the hotfix,” the YouTuber added. “Not only does the previous bug exist but now it also happens in Burrowed form.”


While it would previously only hurt Rek’Sai’s Unburrowed abilities, it now also has an effect on the Void character’s Burrowed abilities meaning that both ability sets would take longer to cool down.

This glitch alone has seen the champion’s win rate dramatically decrease to 41%, currently making Rek’Sai the worst pick in the Jungle position.

With Worlds 2020 starting on September 25 and Rek’Sai in her current state, it is possible that we could see the Void Burrower removed from the champ pool completely if it does not get fixed in time.

However, this likely won’t have that much of an impact on players’ performances in the 2020 World Championship, as Rek’Sai has fallen out of the meta, following the rise of AP and carry junglers in recent patches.