G2 Rekkles explains why he’d “love” voice comms added to League of Legends

Rekkles on the LEC stage for G2 EsportsRiot Games

G2 Esports bot laner Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson has named voice comms as the number one thing on his League of Legends wish list, as he believes it would lead to better practice for both him and other LEC players.

It’s the age-old debate in League of Legends. Despite having access to a ping system and text chat, League players have never been able to communicate verbally through the game itself.

But this doesn’t lend well for practice for pro players. On stage, players are constantly in communication with one another, allowing for smoother transitions and coordination around objectives which is not replicable in soloq.

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Riot are not averse to voice comms in principle, given the system has been implemented in Valorant, but League’s reputation for toxicity has always marred the discussion.

Riot GamesSome League of Legends players are more toxic than Singed.

But Rekkles believes adding voice comms to League would see the good sides outweigh the bad, and explained why he would love to see Riot add it to the game.

“I would love to see voice comms, actually,” he said on his stream. “I think League of Legends is a lot about working together so I would like to be able to work together with my team.

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“When you play competitively in a team then everything is about how you function as five, not how you play individually.

“A lot of it is about how you move around the map, which parts of the map are playing aggressive, which parts of the map are having to play passive, or the other way around.”

And while there are fears it would promote toxicity, Rekkles believes the benefits are sufficient to cause an overall improvement.

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He added: “Again there are going to be some idiots for sure, maybe I’m one of them, but you can always mute those guys and play with the others who want to try and make the whole thing work.

“I just think it would be so much better practice if I could talk to my team, talk about draft with these guys, talk about level one and how our jungle wants to path… these things would just be better practice if there are voice comms.”

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Making soloq as effective practice as possible is a major topic in other regions too, with North American figures such as Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng calling for Riot to tweak League’s server system to better replicate the LAN experience.

Either way, adding voice comms to LoL would certainly change the game, and Rekkles would hope that more effective practice could help him and G2 claim the LEC Summer Split title.

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