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G2 Perkz reveals which League champion he wants to see removed

Published: 23/Aug/2020 15:55

by Daniel Cleary


G2 Esports star Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic has revealed which League of Legends champion he wants Riot to remove from the popular MOBA – with his sights set on Yuumi.

Following the addition of Yone in patch 10.16, League of Legends now has 150 unique champions that players can choose to control on Summoner’s Rift.

Not all champions are as balanced as others, however, and G2’s Perkz weighed in on which character he would not miss if they were removed from the game.

Yuumi splash art from league of legends
Riot Games
Yuumi has been one of the more controversial champions in League of Legends for her “invulnerable” playstyle.

After his team’s impressive win over MAD Lions, which secured G2 Esports the second European slot for Worlds 2020, Perkz uploaded a Q&A video, on August 22, addressing his absence in the LEC Summer Split, along with other topics.


One of the questions asked to the bot-laner was about his least favorite League of Legends character and he quickly revealed that one of the latest support champs Yuumi took the top spot.

“I really dislike Yuumi,” he admitted, “I will never be bored enough of talking about Yuumi and how annoying she is and how stupid this champion has been made.”

Topic starts at 20:12

“I really wish that Riot would just accept that they f****d up and they just remove the champion from the game,” the G2 esports star continued, calling for Riot to remove Yuumi completely.

He also highlighted Yuumi’s abilities, which can make her impossible to target in a fight, “there’s absolutely nothing more annoying than this little cat jumping from character to character, and just hitting them, being invulnerable.”


“It’s so unskilled and so anti-fun,” Perkz added, “everyone hates playing it and everyone hates playing against it but its OP so you must play it.”

Unfortunately for Perkz, it is unlikely that Riot would completely remove a champion, however, it is still possible for Yuumi to receive more nerfs in future patches, to provide counters against her unique playstyle.