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G2 Perkz explains why DragonSouls are “really broken”

Published: 10/Feb/2020 17:32 Updated: 11/Feb/2020 1:00

by Kamil Malinowski


G2 Esports star Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković explained his thoughts on League of Legends’ Dragon Souls, slamming them as “really broken” and “OP.” 

League of Legends’ Preseason 2020 patch brought a ton of changes to the game, most notably adjustments to one of the main objectives, the Drakes.

Dragon Souls were introduced, giving teams massive buffs for securing their fourth Drake kill. These buffs provide one of extra move speed, more damage, a large shield, or more regeneration, depending on the Drake. These effects brought an extra incentive to fight for them, but Perkz thinks that it might be too much.

Perkz celebrates at the Mid-Season Invitational
Riot Games
Perkz is one of the most experienced League of Legends players in the world.

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In an interview with Riot Games, the Croatian player spoke about the buffs and held nothing back as he labeled them to be overpowered.

“The Souls are really broken, all of them are OP,” Perkz began before diving into an explanation, and pointing to the Ocean Drake as the most powerful one.

“Ocean is probably the strongest, as you get so much regen. What makes them good is you get them really fast, and you can stack the buffs within something like 22 minutes,” he continued.

Riot Games
Perkz seems to think that League of Legends’ new Drake Souls are too powerful.

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The G2 midlaner is clearly not impressed with the Drake Souls, but they haven’t seemed to make him or G2 slow down, as the team is off to a flying start in the LEC, winning all six games so far and claiming the top spot.


Riot Games have yet to comment on the matter, however, this doesn’t seem to be on their radar, as so far they have not mentioned anything about it in their patch notes, choosing to focus on Champion balance instead.