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G2 coach criticizes Doublelift over “unprofessional” Team Liquid exit

Published: 14/May/2020 14:37 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:46

by Daniel Cleary


G2 Esports’ League of Legends coach Fabian ‘GrabbZ’ Lohmann has criticized Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng for his ‘unprofessional’ Team Liquid exit amid major TSM controversy.

Doublelift is one of the biggest stars the LCS has ever seen, after winning seven regional titles in recent years, including four consecutive playoff wins under the Team Liquid brand.

However, after his poor performance in the 2020 spring split, which was apparently due to motivation issues and internal conflict, Team Liquid failed to even make it to the LCS’ playoff stage, putting an end to their dominant streak, with Doublelift later getting transferred to TSM.

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Riot Games
Doublelift will be back in a TSM jersey for LCS’ 2020 Summer Split.

The transition did not go as smoothly as he would’ve liked, as he received backlash over comments made about former teammates and his coaches decision making shortly after leaving Team Liquid.

This was then followed by the latest scandal involving his girlfriend and TSM president Leena Xu, after she leaked confidential information about one of his teammates on his stream.

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During an episode of IWillDominate and Thorin’s popular LoL talk show, The Crackdown, G2 Esports coach Grabbz revealed his thoughts on Doublelift and some of the controversies that surrounded his move to TSM, claiming that the star bot laner was actually the “biggest winner” out of it all.



“I think he’s the biggest winner out of this Leena fiasco, I would not want to work with that person as a coach with the way how he left Team Liquid, It wasn’t professional,” he admitted, revealing his surprise in TSM’s willingness to pick him up.

After sharing that he had even defended Doublelift for his lack of motivation during the split, GrabbZ was not impressed by the star ADC’s actions and attitude towards others on Team Liquid shortly after.

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“He’s benched for a week and suddenly feels motivated again? Continue talking bulls**t that’s not how it works,” he explained, hitting out at Doublelift, “you’re not benched for one game and suddenly you have an epiphany, then he s**t talks his coaches and teammates publicly.”


The G2 Head coach was also critical of TSM’s and Leena’s handling on the Dardoch situation, highlighting some of their recent blunders by simply labeling them “Team Substandard Management.”

GrabbZ, who led G2 Esports to a near-flawless year in 2019, later added that for someone of Doublelift’s pedigree should hold themselves to a much higher standard after leaving a team, instead of trying to pin the blame on others.

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“This guy is a ten-year veteran, a star player of the region, and behaves like that,” he said.

However, despite much of the controversy surrounding Doublelift and TSM, he still looks set to makes his return to LCS alongside a new roster in the 2020 summer split.