Fnatic move League academy team to Superliga after NLC exit

Fnatic join SuperligaFnatic / Superliga / Riot Games

Fnatic has officially joined the Spanish League of Legends scene after it moved its academy team to the Superliga following its NLC exit.

The tenured European esports organization announced a partnership with Team Queso back in September of this year and has now made it official with the creation of the new brand, FnaticTQ

Team Queso entered the Superliga back in 2019 after it replaced MAD Lions who joined the LEC with the Splyce rebranding. The team has been in the Superliga for two years and has finished in the middle of the pack each season. 

FnaticTQ to play in Spanish Superliga

Fnatic announced its plans to send its academy team to the Superliga on December 29.

Its leave from the NLC comes after what has been a less than favorable viewership turnout for the lower European league. The move would get the org much closer to League’s massive Spanish audience.

As it stands, FnaticTQ only has one member attached to the project, ADC Michael ‘Rayito’ Curtet. He’s a recent addition as of October 2021, although assistant coach Victor ‘Machuki’ Machuca Segura and four other members have since departed the roster. 

“For English followers, as you know next year our academy will be competing in Spanish ERL – Superliga,” Fnatic’s Director of League of Legends Javier Zafra said on Twitter. “We partnered with a Spanish team, Team Queso and together we created a new brand: FnaticTQ.”

Fnatic’s decision to join the Superliga follows other LEC organizations’ footsteps, namely MAD Lions and G2 Esports.

With the addition of three LEC teams and Ibai and Girard Pique’s KOI esports joining the Superliga, Spanish fans have a lot to look forward to going into the 2022 season.