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Five new League Spirit Blossom skins for Ahri, Riven, more leaked

Published: 9/Jul/2020 8:49

by Andrew Amos


The five Spirit Blossom skins heading to League Patch 10.15 aren’t the only ones coming. According to PBE dataminers, there’s another five on the way for Ahri, Riven, Kindred, Cassiopeia, and unreleased champion Yone.

The big summer event that’s been touted for the last six months is finally here. The Spirit Blossom event is coming in Patch 10.15, and with it is a host of new skins.

Currently, skins for Yasuo, Thresh, Vayne, Teemo (including a Prestige one), and new “dreamy jungler” Lillia are open for testing. However, hidden files on the test client have uncovered another five that are due to arrive in quick succession.


Emotes and Summoner Icons for Cassiopeia, Kindred, Riven, and Ahri were added to the PBE on Patch 10.15. While the Icons aren’t visible yet, the strings are hidden deep in the code.

The emotes, however, have been datamined. The “My Champion” emote showcases Cassiopeia with a big blossoming blue lily in her hair. The “Fated Pair” emote has given players a look at what a human Kindred could look like.

Riven’s “Whaddya Mean?!” emote features the Exiled Noxian looking rather disgruntled, while the “Follow…” emote has Ahri looking her charming best in yet another predominantly Pink skin.

While there’s nothing for Yone regarding Emotes or Summoner Icons, there’s something a bit bigger ⁠— leaked splash art. All of the skins have had their splash arts leaked by Brazilian content creator ‘streamiebr’.


The extra five skins will make for a total of ten skins across the event ⁠— the most in a single drop in League history. Not only that, it’ll also include two champion releases: Lillia on Patch 10.15, and Yone some time shortly after.

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The Spirit Blossom event is truly shaping up to be the biggest in League history ⁠— and for good reason. It comes just in time for Riot to cap off their ten-year anniversary celebrations for the MOBA, which launched back in 2009.

Lillia, the Bashful Bloom, will be arriving in the mega event, which is set to kick off on July 22. If you haven’t been keeping up to date about Champion 149, we’ve compiled everything you need to know, including her abilities and more, right here.