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Fast 9’s Vin Diesel surprises french League fans with LFL Summer Split collab

Published: 24/May/2021 22:02

by Alan Bernal


French League of Legends fans hoping for more info on La Ligue Française (LFL) Summer Split were surprised to see Vin Diesel give them long-awaited news to kick off a collaboration with Fast and Furious 9.

Instead of the traditional press release to announce the LFL start date of June 8, One Trick Production (OTP) used Hollywood megastar Vin Diesel to get fans hyped on the upcoming split.

“We got a little surprise for you, so don’t forget to tune in,” Diesel said before directing fans to the OTP Twitch page on the LFL’s premiere date for more.

League has been a leader in esports for its production value and events, but that’s typically reserved for the international events like Worlds or tier 1 leagues like the LEC, LCK, LCS, and more.


It’s no wonder why this came as a surprise to fans since a European Regional League (ERM) was able to nail down a massive collaboration.

While there were plenty of people wondering if this was going to be a one-and-done advertisement, OTP’s co-founder and Broadcast Event Production Manager, Claire Adamskim, confirmed that there’s more Fast 9 content on the way.

“I confirm, it’s a collab, and nobody paid anything for this ad!” Adamskim said in response to speculation of a partnership after seeing the Fast 9 logo at the end of the clip.

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Claire Adamski Twitter
Looks like LFL fans have more Fast and Furious 9 content on the way.

The clip has soared with over 600,000 views since being published, and it’s clear that OTP production has hit on something that LFL fans are amped to see.


“It is a partnership between the LFL and The Fast Saga and not from a simple purchased message! More cool content is coming,” the company said.

It’s unclear to what extent the Fast and Furious 9 partnership will lead to, but viewers are already excited to see what surprises the LFL Summer Split has in store on June 8 and beyond.