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Faker sends cheeky shot to EU League of Legends fans at Worlds 2019

Published: 12/Oct/2019 16:11 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 16:57

by Daniel Cleary


SK Telecom T1 star Lee ‘League of Legends fans in a post-game interview after defeating Fnatic in the opening group stage match of Worlds 2019.

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All eyes were on how Faker and SKT would perform coming into Worlds 2019 after they missed out on qualifying in the 2018 season, with many doubting the three-time World Champion’s new roster.

However, the Korean squad quickly removed any doubts in their opening group stage match against Europe’s second seed, Fnatic, in what many fans consider to be the pool of death.

Riot GamesFaker had an incredible performance during his first game at Worlds 2019.
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Faker boasted nine kills and zero deaths during an impressive first showing and took the chance in the post-game interview to send a cheeky shot at the EU League of Legends Fans after their win.


“Hello EU fans, I am back,” he simply replied, after beating Fnatic in the best-of-1 match, giving viewers a glimpse of what to expect from him in the coming weeks at Worlds 2019.

Despite the first victory over Fnatic, SK Telecom T1 still have a lot of games to play if they want to be in contention for that Worlds title yet again but if Faker continues to perform the way he is it will be difficult for any team to match them.

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Before SK Telecom T1’s journey at Worlds 2019 got underway, Faker revealed that he was not taking any team lightly in preparation for the group stages, as he was eager to return to form.


Even though they found themselves in the group of death, if Faker’s results at previous world championships are anything to go by, it would not come as a shock to see SKT top their group going into the bracket stage of the tournament.

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SKT are set to return to the stage on October 13 for their next group match against the former MSI champions RNG in what is a much-anticipated clash.

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