Faker pulls off incredible escape against RNG at Worlds 2019

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Sk Telecom T1 star Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok pulled off an incredible escape from a team fight in what was a highly anticipated matchup against RNG at Worlds 2019.

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Faker kicked off Worlds 2019 with an incredible performance against Fnatic on October 12 in the opening match of the group stages, managing to go the full game without dying once.

The popular Korean mid laner continued his form in their next group stage match against RNG, and even managed to pull off an incredible highlight play, escaping what seemed to be an inevitable death in-game.

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Faker has made some insane plays since his return to the Worlds stage.
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Although SK Telecom T1 managed to close the game out against RNG, the early stages of the game did not go in their favor with incredible plays from Faker and his squad, such as this one, helping them to mount the comeback.

After Faker’s team was wiped from the map in an unfavorable fight, he found himself left alone against three members of RNG who began to chase him down.

However, the three-time world champion quickly proved why he was considered the best player in the world, narrowly dodging multiple skill shots from the opposing players and hitting stuns at the perfect moments to successfully survive.

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Coming into the final event of the year, Faker revealed that he was putting more effort into preparing for the group stage matches, explaining how they couldn’t take any team lightly.

It seems as if his practice has been paying off so far, as the win over RNG moves SKT to first in their pool with a record of 2-0.

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Faker has even taken the time to send some shots towards some of the EU fans in attendance, reminding those who doubted what he could be capable of after the win against Fnatic.

SKT will now look forward to facing the North American side of Clutch Gaming to close out the first set of the double round-robin matches in the group stage.

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