League of Legends: Faker explains why SKT will win MSI 2019

LoL Esports / Riot Games

League of Legends world renown star Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok revealed why SK Telecom is on the verge of a resurgence at the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) after a slow start in the event.

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The MSI Group Stage started off with a stunner when SK Telecom fell to an explosive G2 side, which was followed up by a record setting defeat the following day.

But early tournament woes have yet to convince Faker that they’re out of the running for top honors, especially since his team’s biggest strength is about to be activated.

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Riot GamesEven though SKT haven’t had the strongest of showings so far, Faker is confident his team will close out the event in a strong position.

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In an interview with Inven Global, the star mid-laner thinks that SKT’s best is yet to come because, with only two games left in the Group Stage, the tournament is about to enter Knockout round that’s played in a best of five series.

Since SKT have already locked their spot for the next stage of the tourney, Faker believes that his team won’t be easily defeated contrary to their past performances at the international event.

“We won’t lose easily in a best of five,” Faker said. “All the players on SKT have outstanding individual performance, and that’s why I believe that it’s unlikely that we’ll lose [in a best of five].”

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Faker went on to say that he likes his team’s evolution through events, making him think it won’t be long before SKT bounces back.

“Our team has a high BO5 win rate,” Faker said. “And we are quick to give each other feedback. Our tendency to gradually lessen individual mistakes over the duration of a tournament comes from our feedback sessions. “

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Riot GamesFaker and co are looking forward to bouncing back in the group stage at MSI.

MSI has been a test of will for SKT

Before the last day of the Group Stage, SKT are 5-3 having lost twice to G2. Their last two games in groups are against a struggling Team Liquid and the tournament favorites Invictus Gaming who have yet to drop a game.

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Even though those games are a best of one, Faker thinks it’s important to stop Invictus in their tracks before heading into the playoffs.

“[Invictus Gaming] has not lost a single game yet,” Faker said. “It’ll be important to put an end to their momentum. That’s why I want everyone to give it their best tomorrow.”

If SKT manage to beat Invictus Gaming in the final match of the Group Stage, then it’ll set up the rest of MSI for a classic Faker pop off