Faker forced a League of Legends team to surrender after embarrassing them on LeBlanc

Alan Bernal. Last updated: Jun 01, 2019
Riot Games

League of Legends superstar Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok made a team surrender a tight competitive game after showing off god-tier LeBlanc mechanics that the enemy team apparently couldn’t handle.

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While Riot Game’s MOBA is one of the most team-oriented games on the market, sometimes it only takes one play for a squad to realize their game is done and quickly vote to get out of the losing effort.

This was prominently displayed during Faker’s June 1 stream in which the two teams on the Rift were trading blows throughout the match, until SKT’s star mid-laner decided to destroy their morale using LeBlanc’s trickery and tons of patience.

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Riot Games
LeBlanc is a tricky opponent to go up against, especially with Faker playing as her.

In the latest entry of a “do not try this in your games” highlight from Faker, he was pushing down the bot wave when he took a 1v1 engagement against the Sejuani.

This attracted aggro from the enemy Irelia, which let Faker know it was time to get out by using Distortion. But he decided to live up to the Deceiver’s name and reactivated W to get back into the fray.

Upon doing so, he saw he was being collapsed by Sej, Irelia and now Zoey, but Faker stuck to his plan by going deeper into enemy territory. Shortly after the enemy Lucian and Morgana joined the hunt, as the entire opposing squad used important cooldowns in attempts of killing the pesky LeBlanc.

Unfortunately for the Blue side, it was all just a stall tactic as Faker’s team came in to mop up scoring an (almost) clean Ace leading to an immediate surrender vote.

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Faker’s LeBlanc is legendary

League of Legends orgs around the world know to never give Faker a chance to play on LeBlanc because of his incredible prowess with the mage.

Even with low health or mana, Faker routinely pulls through in various one versus many situations.

Moreover, Faker has shown that even in 1v1 situations with LeBlanc could be a disorientating affair for the opposing champion.

At only 23 years of age, Faker is bound to produce a lot more LeBlanc highlights that will leave fans in amazement and enemy teams in shambles.