Faker becomes first League of Legends star to get limited edition collectible statue

Riot Games

The League of Legends competitive scene has never had a player like Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok, and now he’s been immortalized once again with a limited edition SD figure that truly makes him a household name.

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Riot Games have numerous professional leagues for their popular MOBA spread across the world, and Korea has long been one of the most consistent regions of intense, high-level League of Legends talent.

Among the higher echelons of players in the scene, Faker has been a clear standout among the world’s best year after year which undoubtedly contributed to Super Play’s take on the LoL star.

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LoL EsportsFaker’s dominance has inspired tons of collectible items, but none quite as awesome as his new figure.

Super Play officially released their Faker statue that honors the three-time World Champion that shows him in a classic pose that’s struck fear into lower level players for years.

“This figure is especially meaningful as the esports star SD figure sold for the first time in the world,” Super Play said in releasing the figure.

The figure is 11 cm tall and 5.5 cm wide and shows the SKT star in his iconic 2016 outfit with his arms crossed while staring daggers through is equally famous glasses.

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Super PlayFaker’s new figure from Super Play.
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The statute comes boxed with ‘Faker’ in large text on the front label while in a red and black packaging that could instantly be a centerpiece for any collection.

Fans can pick up the figure for 33,000 South Korean Won and $33 USD on Super Play’s online shop if they’re interested in adding the Faker statue to their personal collection.

People who don’t want to take the figure out of its box will still have an epic display to own.

Faker has been a god in League of Legends

People keen on going through Faker’s highlights will be met with an almost endless reel of extraordinary outplays, masterful teamfight approaches, and intense 1v1’s that leave fans in sheer amazement.

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But Riot Games gave fans a new vantage point to seeing Faker play with the launch of Pro View, giving a glimpse into the almost nauseating gameplay he produces during live competitive matches.

The rise and continued domination from Faker has been nothing short of historic for the League of Legends scene, and now fans have another way of celebrating the Korean pro with the new figurine.