Faker embarrasses LoL pros in ridiculous 1v2 outplay

. 2 years ago
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League of Legends star Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok embarrassed some of his fellow LCK pro players after turning around a 1v2 with incredible mechanics.

The three-time world champion is praised for his unrivaled in-game mechanics and many fans still consider him to be the best player in the world.

Despite not having as much success at an international level in recent years, the T1 star proved he is still a force to be reckoned with after dismantling two of his fellow pros in a near-impossible 1v2 outplay.

Riot Games
Faker reminded fans why he’s considered the best LoL player of all time.

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The legendary player was broadcasting some of his Solo-Q practice on March 20, when he came up against JD Gaming’s jungler Kanavi and SANDBOX Gaming’s Mid laner, FATE.

In order to put the Korean star behind early in his matchup, the pair teamed up on Faker with a gank only 2 minutes into the action. But, it did not go as planned.

Despite being put in a difficult situation, Faker showed no signs of panic as he moved his way around the fight perfectly, dodging key skillshots and isolating his fights as best as he could.

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The T1 Mid-laner made short work of the opposing jungler Kanavi, and quickly turned his sights towards his lane opponent, Fate, even flashing under the enemy turret to secure the double kill.

Despite trying his best to help the League of Legends star, Faker’s jungler arrived a little too late to the fight, showing up once everyone had died and was likely impressed by his mid laner’s ridiculous outplay.

Faker seems to be hitting his stride once again, as he has made many incredible plays during the LCK’s recent hiatus, including this LeBlanc play which he survived with just 20hp.

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Although his fellow LCK pros intended on setting him behind, they accidentally gave Faker a massive gold lead which he later translated into a win for his team, finishing with an impressive record of 8 kills and only a single death on Pantheon.

Following the recent outbreaks in Korea, the LCK Spring split will be returning to action on March 25 in a new online format for the remainder of the season and Faker is looking sharper than ever for his upcoming matches.

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