Evil Geniuses give reason for not scrimming G2 at MSI

Evil Geniuses compete on stage at MSIYong Woo "Kenzi" Kim/Riot Games

Evil Geniuses has responded to comments made by G2 Esports jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski about the North American team not scrimming at the Mid-Season Invitational.

The head of the Evil Geniuses coaching staff, Peter Dun, said that the team was making content for Riot Games at MSI during that time and had no other opportunities to play the European team.

Both squads enjoyed relative success at the tournament, with EG becoming the third North American team to make top four at the event and G2 making their third appearance in the playoff stage after winning it all in 2019.

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Jankos said on stream on June 26 that North American team Evil Geniuses did not want to scrim his team at the Mid-Season Invitational and the clip shot up to the front page of the League of Legends subreddit.

In the clip, Jankos said that bootcamping with North American teams sounds like a bad idea and then recounted how G2 beat Evil Geniuses multiple times in practice matches.

“I mean I cannot imagine going and bootcamping against NA teams,” he said on stream. “That just sounds wrong.”

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He went on to say that EG would not be bad practice compared to other European teams for MSI, but added that in his opinion, the best practice European teams could get for international events would be against Asian teams.

EG head of coaching staff responds to Jankos

In response to the clip, Dun tweeted out a thread that has since been deleted about the situation. In his most recent tweets about the clip, Dun said that he messaged Jankos directly and has better things to do than “deal with that level of hate + threats in dms from certain communities.”

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He also said that Evil Geniuses were late to qualify for MSI due to the way the League of Legends Championship Series is scheduled so finding any practice matches against other teams was difficult.

Jankos himself put out a response to seeing the clip on the top of the subreddit’s page, saying that he was not trying to start another “EU/NA war” and was just pointing out that they didn’t get to practice against EG before the Rumble Stage at MSI.

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G2 and EG both made it past the Group and Rumble Stages of MSI and qualified for the four-team Knockout Stage. Both teams were defeated 3-0 in the first series of the Knockout Stage however as Royal Never Give Up and T1 made the grand final with the Chinese team taking the MSI trophy.