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Everything we know about new LoL champion Lillia: abilities, release date

by Isaac McIntyre
Riot Games


League of Legends is finally getting another new jungle champion ⁠— the first since 2017 ⁠— in a “big” summer event. Here’s everything we know about Lillia, the whimsical woodland jungler, including her abilities, release date, splash art, and more.

Earlier this year, Riot promised two new champs would be released in a “big” summer event, and handed out a few hints about the characters. One was a “dreamy” jungler with the power to put opponents to sleep at a whim.


New leaks have revealed that the upcoming jungler’s name is Lillia, and she could be arriving as soon as Patch 10.14. Here’s everything we know about the 149th champ coming to League, from her lore and abilities, to her release date, and more.

Lillia, the “dreamy” jungler

Nothing official has been released in the way of lore for the new jungle champion, but there was a short teaser for Lillia included in Riot’s latest 2020 roadmap.


In the June dev blog, lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles revealed that Lillia is “quite shy,” and easily startled. He also described her as a character that would “frolic in and out of the fray” ⁠— she sounds like quite the free woodland spirit.

Lillia will be the first dedicated jungle champ released in League of Legends since 2017.
Riot Games
Lillia will be the first dedicated jungle champ released in League of Legends since 2017.

There were also a few mysterious voice lines found on the PBE that give us an idea of what Lillia’s backstory may be. A dark voice says “they took your home Lillia,” before encouraging her to “let it course through you.”

The second voice line speaks of “poor lost spirits, beckoning to bloom,” and a character that has been “waiting” for something. Both leaked audio queues sound like Lillia could be driven by a story of revenge during her debut.


What will Lillia look like?

Lillia's in-game splash art has now also been revealed, following leaked game files on July 3, which provided an early look at the champ.

The jungler's splash art seems to match the description that Riot had initially teased, but pictures the champ with some deer-like features, not seen with any other champions.

Lillia also looks to be equipped with a staff, which will likely be her weapon of choice in-game.


Many League fans were quick to point out her likeliness to Neeko, the Curious Chameleon, another woodland spirit who rocks a similar blue/purple hairstyle.


Riot has not yet released any of Lillia’s abilities, including her passive and ultimate, but there is a good chance the “dreamy” jungler will tap into mechanics similar to controversial mid lane mage Zoe, who was released in 2017.

Zoe’s signature move is her “Sleepy Trouble Bubble,” which causes enemy champions hit by the skill shot to become ‘drowsy,’ before being put to ‘sleep.’ Considering Lillia’s potential lore, she will likely have a similar ability.

There’s also the chance Riot simply thinks up a new sleep-based mechanic for the new 2020 champion, similar to when they added Ornn’s Brittle back in 2017. It would make more sense to use an already-established status effect, however.

Finally, Reav3 confirmed in a June 4 dev blog that Lillia would be a “mid-range skirmisher,” but nearly became an assassin. That means she may well boast a few close-range abilities in her final kit, as well as sleepy spells.

Lillia will likely have sleep abilities like infamous League mage Zoe.
Riot Games
Lillia will likely have sleep abilities like infamous League mage Zoe.

Release date

Riot has already told players to expect the next two League champions in the “big” summer event coming up soon, which means Lillia should arrive ⁠— likely alongside Yasuo’s brother Yone ⁠— within the next two months.

According to a new PBE update, however, we could be getting our hands on the new jungler even earlier than expected. A new loot item, marked as “Lillia’s Haiku,” was found on the PBE testing realm earlier this week.

It reads “you have discovered Lillia in the forest,” and says it will be openable on July 22 at 3PM EDT. This could be similar to Sett’s Calling Card item, which allowed players to get a hands-on sneak-peek at the champ last year.

The date on the ‘Lillia Haiku’ also lines up perfectly with Patch 10.15, which will be available to download on live servers from Wednesday, July 22. That means Lillia will likely make her League of Legends debut during that patch.

So, there you have it ⁠— everything you need to know about Lillia, League of Legends’ new “dreamy” jungler. There may be a bit of a wait until we finally get to see her in action, and find out her abilities, but there’s still plenty more to learn!

Want to get involved in the discussion about the new champion before then, or have already decided (for whatever reason) to make her your new main? There’s a new Reddit community already live at /r/lilliamains just for you.