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Esports Betting Tips August 22nd – EU and NA LCS Playoffs

Published: 22/Aug/2018 7:39 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 7:58

by Joe O'Brien


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Whether you’re looking for looking for a comfortable favorite to back, to pick a side in a closer match-up, or a significant underdog with upset potential, there’s a match you might be interested in.


It’s playoff season for the LCS summer split, and this week we’re taking a look at some of the quarter-final match-ups in Europe and North America. 

Play It Safe

LoL Esports


100 Thieves TO WIN vs FlyQuest

When: Sunday August 26th, 19:00 UTC


Odds: 1.43 vs 2.76 – Bet HERE

It’s hard to see 100 Thieves’ debut season in the NA LCS as anything other than a roaring success. They topped the regular season in Spring and reached the finals of the playoffs, finishing second to Team Liquid.

They held at the top of the standings for most of the Summer season, missing out on a bye to the semi-finals as a consequence of slipping up in the final week, but when it came to tie-breakers for seeding 100T took care of business to secure third-place.


Though the season isn’t over yet, it’s already been a fantastic year for an organization that had never fielded a League of Legends team before joining the LCS for 2018, outperforming several of the league’s established elite.

That success doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in the first round of the playoffs. Though all four of the quarter-finalists ultimately finished with tied regular season records, 100 Thieves does appear to be deserving of the higher seed they eventually secured, beating both Echo Fox and FlyQuest themselves in tie-breakers.

Best-of-ones leave a lot of room for variance in the regular season, but this 100 Thieves squad is already playoff-proven this year, and over the course of a best-of-five they should be a fairly comfortable favorite over FlyQuest.


Feeling Lucky

LoL Esports


Echo Fox TO WIN vs Team SoloMid

When: Saturday August 25th, 21:00 UTC

Odds: 2.25 vs 1.62 – Bet HERE


If anything, you could make a case that Echo Fox is the favorite to take their quarter-final match against Team SoloMid.

TSM has had a tough season. Spring saw them fail to reach the NA LCS finals for the first time ever, crashing out in the quarter-finals, and things only got worse in Summer. Going into the final week, there was every possibility that TSM would miss out on playoffs altogether, but a huge game for Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg helped see them past OpTic Gaming for a spot.

Meanwhile, Echo Fox has been on a playoff trajectory for the entire split, a consistent top contender throughout the season. They beat TSM in both of their regular season games, and when the pair met in a tie-breaker match it was Echo Fox again that came out on top.

Granted, TSM seems to be on the rise compared to their struggles earlier in the season, and the team showed in the final week that they can still put all their eggs in Bjergsen’s basket and have him pull out key wins. It’s still not enough to have enormous confidence in TSM for a best-of-five against a team that’s already beaten them three times in Summer.


LoL Esports


Misfits TO WIN vs G2 Esports

When: Saturday August 25th. 15:00 UTC

Odds: 2.44 vs 1.54 – Bet HERE

In the first round of the EU LCS playoffs is a match-up that, for the first half of the season at least, wouldn’t have looked out of place as a final.

Both Misfits and G2 Esports were undefeated after three weeks of the Summer split, a run that Misfits managed to carry through week four as well. In the latter half of the season Misfits fell off significantly in terms of results, however, ended the split with a 3-7 run to finish in fifth place.

G2, on the other hand, maintained a bit more consistency, but only managed to put in one 2-0 week after their early success. When it came to tie-breakers for a spot in the semi-finals, however, G2 fell to both Vitality and FC Schalke 04, finishing in fourth as a result.

What we have here, then, are two teams whose peaks arguably came near the beginning of the season, with more variance in recent performance. G2’s drop off was less significant, making them an understandable favorite for this series, but isn’t a match-up between two titans at the top of their game.

Pedigree doesn’t really factor in much either. G2 certainly has the more impressive history, but the team of today bears very little resemblance to that which won four consecutive LCS titles. They made the final of this year’s Spring split, but that only required a single series win in the semi-finals. On the other side, Misfits showed they can perform under pressure at the 2017 World Championship, but they haven’t been spectacular domestically this season.

All told, G2 Esports might have the edge, but there’s certainly enough reason to have hope in Misfits to make them a viable wildcard pick.

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League of Legends

TFT Patch 10.20b notes: Spirit nerf, Aphelios & Ashe nerfs, more

Published: 8/Oct/2020 1:07

by Andrew Amos


Ahead of the next update, Riot have slid in a little addendum to TFT Patch 10.20 with a “b-patch” hotfix. The devs are keeping a keen eye on Spirit, Aphelios, Ashe, and more, as they look to tone down the “overperformers” urgently.

While Riot seemingly did away with the b-patches during the latter stages of Galaxies, the mid-update changes are back. In TFT Fates, Riot will be keeping more of a keen eye during the week following a major update to potentially drop even more changes.


They were happy after the set’s launch initially, but there have been a few overperformers in TFT Patch 10.20 Riot want to tone down ahead of the next update. They aren’t doing too much though, as they want the next patch to be a big one.

“[TFT Patch] 10.21 is shaping up to be a big patch, but these changes felt worth getting out a little earlier. B-Patches are limited to number changes, so bigger changes have to wait,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer explained after the October 7 update went live.


Spirit 4 nerfed, Brawler-Ashe targeted

The major changes in TFT Patch 10.20b are to Spirit, Ashe, and Aphelios. The two champions, and the trait, have been the crux of many of the meta compositions.

Looking at Spirit, Riot has decided the Patch 10.20 changes weren’t enough originally. Spirit 4 is being nerfed by another 10% bonus attack speed, dropping from 80% of the mana cost to 70%. This should hopefully bring it more in line, although without Ahri nerfs being shipped, that remains to be seen.

Brawler-Ashe has been one of the most consistent compositions of the set so far. With Ashe being able to dish out huge amounts of damage with an in-built attack speed steroid, she’s risen to be one of the best units in the set. Riot will be toning that back though, reducing her ability’s attack speed at one and two-star.

High Noon Ashe in League of Legends
Riot Games
Brawler-Ashe is getting a notable nerf if you don’t manage to find three-star Ashe.

Aphelios carry is also another popular composition. Riot has deemed his ability to generate turrets a bit too efficient though, so he’s losing some of his starting mana so he can’t automatically start firing away.

Janna and Veigar are also being targeted in TFT Patch 10.20b. Janna’s total mana is going up from 50 to 60, while Veigar is losing damage on his Dark Blossom ability at all levels.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.20b changes below.

Spirit Blossom Ahri in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Spirit is getting nerfed again, but power carry Ahri remains untouched.

TFT Patch 10.20b notes


  • Aphelios starting Mana: 120 ⇒ 90
  • Janna max Mana: 50 ⇒ 60
  • Ashe Hunter’s Focus Bonus Attack Speed: 50/75/300 ⇒ 45/65/300
  • Veigar Dark Blossom Damage: 500/650/1000 ⇒ 450/600/900


  • Spirit Attack Speed: 35/80 ⇒ 35/70