Elise set for massive visual update in League Season 12

elise league of legends blackRiot Games

League of Legends’ resident Spider Queen Elise is getting a huge VFX update as Riot Games look to modernize her abilities in Season 12.

Riot have steadily been providing visual updates to LoL’s more veteran champions, showing love to characters like Vel’Koz and Vayne more recently.

Elise was released to Summoner’s Rift ten years ago, and since then, the jungler’s abilities have almost entirely stayed the same. With her being one of the older champs in the game, she was a prime candidate for a VFX overhaul.

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Now, Riot confirmed they are rejuvenating her kit.

Blood Moon Elise in League of Legends and TFT Set 4Riot Games
Elise’s Blood Moon skin in League of Legends.

Elise VFX update revealed

Being one of League’s shapeshifter characters, Elise has more than the standard four spells to visually update.

Her most iconic ability, Cocoon, now shoots a much more colorful web in its targeted direction, making the hitbox clear. The ability previously shot out a web that was entirely white, making it difficult to track.

Tons of her other abilities are receiving visual overhauls as well, including Rappel, Neurotoxin, and Volatile Spiderling.

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Rappel now shows a more clearly define outer circle to where Elise can escape, and Neurotoxin now has a much sharper effect.

Elise’s auto-attack animation is also getting an update, as her attacks are now more clearly defined with solid red and black.

Here are all of her skins that are getting a visual update:

  • Base
  • Death Blossom
  • Victorious
  • Blood Moon
  • SKT T1
  • Super Galaxy (minor tweaks)

The overhaul should make it much easier to play with and against the champ, so look out for Elise’s visual update to hit Summoner’s Rift on LoL patch 12.5.

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