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Elemental Rift map changes for League 10.12 patch revealed in PBE

Published: 29/May/2020 17:57

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has started to test new map changes in PBE servers, with some alterations to Infernal and Cloud Rifts revealed ahead of the League of Legends 10.12 patch.

Riot introduced a dynamic map feature in League of Legends Season 10, which can now transform Summoner’s Rift and alter its gameplay after two of the elemental drakes have been killed in a match.

While there has been little to no major complaints around the new Elemental Rifts so far, Riot has been slow to implement any significant changes since they were first added in the pre-season.

Riot Games
New changes are coming to the Elemental Rifts in patch 10.12.

League Gameplay designer, Mark Yetter, revealed in a blog post on May 15 that, although they were hesitant to make any changes that could cause the popular title to be imbalanced, they had some improvements lined up for both the Cloud and Infernal Rift in the 10.12 patch.

The Riot dev explained that they would be looking to “enhance gameplay possibilities” with the upcoming changes, which are being tested in League of Legends PBE servers, as of May 29.

LoL content creator ThePotatoWard was among the first to highlight the new additions to the map, sharing screenshots of the new blast cones that have been added to help players get around the Infernal Rifts faster.

ThePotatoWard also pointed out some of the new Scryer’s Blooms that have been added to the Cloud Rifts on PBE, which will give players the ability to gain even more vision in the jungle,  adding a new dynamic to potential teamfights over vision control.

While those are the only map changes that are instantly noticeable in PBE servers, it was previously revealed that Riot would be increasing the bonus movement speed effect for players who are out of combat in the Cloud Rift jungle as well.

It is worth noting that although the new rift changes have been revealed in the Public Beta Environment, they are still subject to change ahead of their release to live servers in the 10.12 patch, which is expected to go live on Wednesday, June 10.

These Elemental Rift improvements are not the only changes lined up for the 10.12 patch, as buffs for Predator and Guardian Runes and much more are also set to be included.

League of Legends

Riot finally set to nerf support Pantheon in League patch 10.25

Published: 24/Nov/2020 7:04

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot Games have finally locked in plans to nerf Pantheon, particularly his support and mid lane picks, in a raft of changes for the Artisan of War that should arrive on live League of Legends servers by LoL patch 10.25.

Pantheon has been out of control across the Rift since his Season 10 rework; the LoL bruiser was originally planned to stay in the top lane, but spilled out into mid lane and support.

The versatile bruiser has shone in solo queue. As of League patch 10.23 he boasts a 9.11% play rate in support, and a 20.28% ban rate. Pantheon also ruled the roost in pro play too; he was played a whopping 210 times across 2020, and banned in a further 251 games.

The League of Legends community has been begging Riot for an update to cowl the Artisan of War. The issue, most fans agree, is his threat in bot as a “kill” support ⁠— and now it seems League’s balance team is finally on the same page.

Pantheon Medusa skin.
Riot Games
Pantheon has been “out of control” as a powerful support in Season 10.

The aim, League dev Riot Phlox revealed, is to curtail Pantheon’s power across the competitive scene, and in mid and support, in an effort to give top lane “a place to shine” again. Phlox unveiled the nerfs on Twitter on Nov. 23.

All four of Pantheon’s abilities are coming under the microscope. His Q, “Comet Spear,” will only have its cooldown and mana cost tweaked, while E, “Aegis Assault,” will lose its iconic tower shot blocks. His W, “Shield Vault,” is getting a damage spike too.

Finally, his Q and E’s empowered versions are having bonuses stripped out of them, while “Grand Starfall,” his cross-map ultimate, now deals extra damage too.

These changes should “give Pantheon a better trading pattern for fighting other melee champs in the top lane, and drain some power from support,” developer Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter added on Twitter after the planned changes were revealed.

Pantheon in League of Legends
Riot Games
All four of Pantheon’s abilities are coming under the hammer in patch 10.25.

The new Pantheon changes are expected to arrive on the League of Legends PBE on Nov. 24, before being shipped live in patch 10.25. “These should drop Wednesday to PBE, I think,” Phlox said. “ I’d love to hear how it sounds and how it plays out if you can manage a few games.”

League patch 10.25 has already been penciled in for Wednesday, Dec. 9. The Pantheon nerfs are expected to be the headlining changes, alongside continued tweaks for the Season 11 item overhaul Riot launched this preseason.

Here’s all the details on Pantheon’s planned patch 10.25 nerfs:

Planned Pantheon nerfs for LoL patch 10.25

  • Movement speed 355 ⇒ 345.
  • Q cooldown 10-8 ⇒ 8-6, mana cost 40 ⇒ 30. 
  • Empowered Q no longer slows.
  • W damage 60-140 ⇒ 60-260.
  • E no longer blocks tower shots, retreat movement penalty 50% ⇒ 25%.
  • Empowered E no longer extends duration upon empowerment, [new] when Pantheon slams his shield he gains 60% move speed for one second.
  • R [new]: the spear that lands before Pantheon now slows for 50% and applies an unenpowered spear’s worth of damage in a small area around it.