Edward Gaming’s Worlds 2021 skins confirmed: Champions, price, more

EDg's 2021 World Championship skinsRiot Games

Six months after their 2021 World Championship triumph, Edward Gaming’s celebratory skins in League of Legends have been confirmed. Here’s all the details — including the champions selected and a few Easter eggs for the diehard EDG fans. 

Winning the World Championship is the highest honor a professional League of Legends player can achieve. It’s the most prestigious competition in the League calendar, an opportunity to secure your status as the de facto best team in the world.

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It also grants the winning players their very own in-game skin line. Multiple teams have been immortalized in-game through custom skins, and 2021 Champions Edward Gaming are the latest to join the list.

On April 22, fans have potentially gotten their first look at EDG’s Worlds skins, courtesy of a leak via Weibo which was then posted to Twitter.

Hours later, Riot confirmed the leak was true, revealing the Chinese champion’s skins for real.

Edward Gaming Worlds 2021 skins: Champion picks

The only rule for Worlds skins is that the skin has to be for a champion you played at Worlds — even if you only played it once.

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This was the case for EDG’s jungler Zhao ‘Jiejie’ Lijie, who opted for a Viego skin despite only playing a single game of Viego at Worlds 2021. That game was a victory, in their second-last game of the tournament versus DWG KIA in the finals. He said he wanted “a champion that represents himself” after the win, and Viego fills that void.

EDG’s support Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye and top laner Li ‘Flandre’ Xuanjun both opted for their most-played champion at Worlds as their chosen skin, with Meiko clocking in four games on Yuumi and Flandre boasting an impressive eleven Graves games across the tournament.

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The skin design team may have also managed to sneak an adorable easter egg into Meiko’s Yuumi skin — giving League’s magical cat the same distinctive facial markings as his own pet cat, Raccoon.

Mid laner Lee ‘Scout’ Yechan opted for Zoe, and AD Carry Park ‘Viper’ Dohyeon opted for Aphelios, two iconic champions who helped EDG secure their 3-2 finals victory versus reigning champions DWG KIA.

Edward Gaming Worlds skins deviate from logo design

The skin line combines heavy-metal armored outfits with a misty blue-and-black color scheme — similar to Invictus Gaming’s 2018 ones. Interestingly, the color scheme of the skins does not reflect the colors of EDGs logo, the iconic red and black.

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Yuumi’s infamous book gets a gunmetal makeover, echoing the design of Graves, Aphelios, and Viego’s weaponry, with the same grey metal accents appearing throughout the design of all five champions.

Invictus Gaming Worlds 2018 skins in League of LegendsRiot Games
Edward Gaming’s World skin design has a similar vibe to Invictus’ 2018 garb.

Edward Gaming Worlds skins price

While not confirmed, Edward Gaming’s Worlds skins will likely cost 1350 RP individually — following the pricing trend from recent years. They will likely be available in a bundle too, where players can get limited-time summoner icons, banners, and chromas.

EDG’s Worlds 2021 skins are expected to release later in League of Legends Season 12. We will update you with an exact date once it’s made public.

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