DSG League team announced with LCS vets & promising NA talent

DSG league of legends rosterDSG/Riot Games

Disguised Toast’s full North America Challengers League team has been announced, and it features some of the best LCS-ready amateur players alongside a few veterans that have spent years competing at the highest level of competition.

Despite all the news around the NACL and the ongoing LCS walkout, Disguised Toast has decided to spend big on an NACL roster that features some of the best North American players the scene has to offer.

In a realm where imported players often occupied spots on NACL rosters, DSG’s league team has chosen to keep everything within North America and take a chance on a roster that’s a mix of promising talent and tried-and-true veteran players. The org has been a Valorant powerhouse, and they’re looking to continue that with League of Legends.

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What’s more, it won’t take long to see the team in action: They’ll be debuting in a showmatch against a some old school League of Legend greats.

DSG’s stacked NACL roster debuts against all-time LCS greats

DSG’s roster has some familiar names on it for those who have been following the LCS for a while. The highest profile player on the roster is likely Tristan ‘Zeyzal’ Stidam, a support player who was a member of Cloud9’s 2018 roster that made a run all the way to Worlds Semifinals that year.

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Alongside him is another veteran player in Aaron ‘FakeGod’ Lee, someone who’s been on and off Academy/NACL teams for years and played top lane for both 100 Thieves and Dignitas over the years. These two players may not have been playing as long as some of the people they’re playing against in the showmatch, but they’ve been around for a while.

Meanwhile, the rest of DSG’s League team is filled out with some other strong players that don’t have quite as much experience.

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Young ‘Young’ Choi also got some LCS experience under his belt this year with a fairly strong set of individual performances on Golden Guardians as their interim mid laner before Kim ‘Gori’ Tae-woo made it to the US. He didn’t manage to win any matches for them, but the aspiring LCS mid laner certainly held his own when it came to individual skill level.

Tomio ‘Tomio’ Chan and Brandon ‘Meech’ Choi haven’t yet had an LCS debut, but they’ve been valuable prospects for years. And, while DSG won’t be going straight to the LCS, the org has put together a roster that’s hoping to prove NA talent is worth fighting for.

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