Dr Mundo to get new skin after more than thousand days

Mundo new skinRiot Games

Dr Mundo, one of League’s oldest champions, will finally receive a new skin after over 1,500 days.

Mundo has been part of the exclusive “one thousand days club”, alongside Shyvanna and Udyr, as none of these champions have received skins in the last one thousand days.

However, Riot Games confirmed that Mundo and the rest of the club would receive some love in upcoming skin releases.

When will Dr Mundo get a new skin?

In a development update, Rioters confirmed that Mundo would receive a new skin, but did not give any details on if it would be from an existing line or a new one.

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“We’re also making some skins for champions who just haven’t got some in a while and need a bit of love.”

Mundo’s last skin was released in December 2018, as part of the Christmas skin line that year.

Frozen Prince Dr Mundo skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Dr Mundo’s last skin was Frozen Prince, which came out in December 2018

Mundo players quickly reacted to the announcement, with several players speculating about what the skin might look like.

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One player said: “Since he listed them together with Shyvana and Udyr, perhaps those three are part of one skin line.

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“Since these aren’t the most popular, best-selling champs, I don’t think they will be in a major skin line like Project or Spirit Blossom. I’m actually hoping it will be a more serious-themed skin like Battlecast Mecha.”

Another player said it would have to meet the bar set by Mundo’s best skin: “Well, it has to be good if it’s going to compete with Corporate.

“And while base Mundo has a lot of great voice lines, I feel they work against him on many other skins since they are so often about his work as a doctor.”

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The video also confirmed that a new Quick Play mode would be introduced to counter some of the issues of Blind Pick, which is currently the least popular game mode.