Doublelift weighs in on Peter Zhang TSM controversy

Doublelift playing for TSM in the LCSLoL Esports

With allegations continuing to surface regarding former TSM coach Peter Zhang, ex-TSM AD Carry Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng shared his experiences with the coach during his Twitch stream on March 20.

It’s been a bad few weeks to be a TSM fan. On March 19, the organization announced they would be parting ways with their assistant coach Peter Zhang due to “very serious allegations of conflict of interest and unethical practices”, the latest of multiple controversies that have befallen TSM in 2022.

A report by Dexerto revealed the nature of the allegations: that Zhang had borrowed sizable sums of money from players throughout his time at TSM, and had secured spots on TSM’s rosters for Chinese and Taiwanese players in exchange for money.

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Doublelift comments on Zhang controversy

Former TSM player Doublelift took to Twitch to share his take on the controversy, as someone once part of the organization. He described how “multiple” TSM players had apparently been asked by Zhang for a loan of anywhere between $12,000 and $20,000, to be paid by wire transfer.

He also claimed multiple players had canceled the transactions directly after making them, a process made possible by the long processing fees for transfers of such high sums of money.

Doublelift also said that Zhang had asked to borrow $70,000 from him only a few days ago, and that he would be able to pay Doublelift back for the loan “by the end of the month.”

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Doublelift also claimed he had heard some “wild rumors” about how Zhang had spent the borrowed money.

Zhang told Dexerto that all the money he had borrowed from players was for the purpose of helping fund his grandmother’s medical bills. The full sum of money he borrowed from players is as yet unknown.

Doublelift did not leave the TSM organization on the best of terms, and made a series of allegations against owner Reginald including harassment and abuse. Riot launched an investigation into the allegations in January.