Doublelift temporarily banned from LCS co-streams after saying league is “dying”

Meg Kay
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Doublelift has revealed via his Twitch stream that he’s been banned from the upcoming week of LCS co-streams after comments made during a recent broadcast.

Co-streaming has become one of the most popular aspects of LCS game days. Introduced in 2021, the LCS Watch Party program allows approved streamers to directly stream LCS games through their own channel and provide live commentary, without risk of receiving any copyright strikes.

One of these approved co-streamers is none other than Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng, former LCS pro and one of North America’s most famous professional players. He’s been regularly co-streaming the LCS since the Watch Party initiative debuted in 2021.

That is, until July 14, when he announced that he’d been banned from streaming the upcoming weekend’s games after comments made during one of his Twitch streams.

Bjergsen comments and subsequent ban

The ‘LCS is dying’ comment came during a recent live stream, where Doublelift discussed the rumor that the LCS had blocked Team Liquid mid laner Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg from competing in Mr Beast’s recent League of Legends show match in Las Vegas.

He claims that, after the comment was made, the LCS contacted him and told him that he’d received a second ‘strike’ against his channel. The first came for profanity in a YouTube video played during a livestream (presumably during an LCS co-stream), and with the second he was informed he would be unable to take part in co-streaming for LCS game days on July 16-17.

He later went on to explain to his chat that he’d “see you in playoffs” – but with four weeks of the regular season remaining, it’s unclear whether his ban from co-streaming will actually last that long.