Doublelift reveals what League Season 12’s most “broken” rune is

Lawrence Scotti. Last updated: Dec 29, 2021
Doublelift/Riot Games

Twitch streamer and former pro League of Legends player Doublelift explained how one rune Riot Games reworked for Season 12 is reshaping the game for AD Carry players.

Season 12 is just around the corner, and players have been testing out all the new changes Riot has introduced in the preseason.

These changes include two new dragons, Hextech and Chemtech, as well as changes to old runes and the addition of a new one in First Strike.

One of those major rune changes was an overhaul to the Lethal Tempo keystone from the Precision tree. The reworked rune now grants players up to six stacks, which grant attack speed while attacking, and at max stacks, gives extended attack range.

doublelift tsm
David Lee for Riot Games
Doublelift is one of the most popular pro-LoL players of all time.

Doublelift explains the power of new Lethal Tempo

In a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Doublelift explained how the rune is putting power back into the AD Carry position.

“Now that Lethal Tempo gives a considerable amount of attack speed for ranged champions, I think it’s probably the strongest rune for AD Carry overall, and maybe one of the strongest runes that’s ever existed for AD Carry because of the potential for it.”

Time starts 1:08 for mobile users

The bulk of the video shows the TSM streamer playing three different matches where he abused the power of the rune on Caitlyn, Jinx, and Aphelios.

“On all three champions, the rune is just insane. It’s completely bananas. I’m stacking it up in lane on Caitlyn, on Jinx I’m constantly getting free autos off… I’m like an artillery. It’s impossible for the enemy team to ever get to me.”

The new attack speed Lethal Tempo provides AD Carry champions has Doublelift quite excited for Season 12 to officially kick-off. Although he isn’t playing competitively anymore, he’ll certainly be tearing up solo queue abusing the rune.