TSM took legal action against Doublelift for allegedly breaking employment agreement

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The controversy between esports stalwart TSM and former LCS star Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng has reached new heights with the League of Legends veteran sharing a confidential letter he received late in 2021 regarding his termination.

TSM and Doublelift have been going at each other for months publicly.

The LCS organization and their former star AD carry kicked it off in November 2021 after Doublelift called TSM founder Andy ‘Reginald’ Dinh out for harassment and abuse.

Since then, there has been a flurry of words between the retired LoL player and the organisation. It has kicked off again though in the aftermath of a new Washington Post article about Reginald’s conduct behind closed doors.

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Doublelift playing for TSM in the LCSLoL Esports
Doublelift played for TSM for two years in the LCS across 2016 and 2020.

The disagreements between the two took a dramatic turn on May 5 when Doublelift tweeted a letter sent to him by esports law firm ELG Law LLP. The letter, headed as “Confidential”, demanded Doublelift stop “disparaging” the organization publicly.

ELG Law specifically references Doublelift’s comments against TSM made on Twitch: “On November 9 and 10 [2021], you committed uncurable breaches of the Agreements during your Twitch livestream.”

These comments relate to when Doublelift called TSM “disgusting” following their 2021 roster issues.

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The letter lists four sections of the contract signed by Doublelift, accusing him of divulging confidential information. TSM also ended the star’s employment contract, who was a streamer for the team at the time.

However, the confidentiality hasn’t fazed Doublelift who posted the letter six months on from receiving it, and taunting Reginald to send the next one.

The letter stated TSM were evaluating their options, including the potential that Doublelift pay damages up to $200,000 for each instance of breaking the agreement.

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No legal proceedings have been entered as of the time of publishing.

TSM owner Reginald declined to address the new allegations in the Washington Post article. Riot is currently undertaking an investigation into his behavior.

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