Doublelift can’t stop laughing after crazy 1HP League of Legends play

Riot Games / Doublelift twitch

Team Liquid star Yiliang ‘League of Legends, and broke out in hysterics in the aftermath.

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Doublelift and the rest of the Team Liquid lineup have been boot camping in Europe ahead of Worlds 2019, allowing them to get the best practice possible ahead of their tournament run.

Despite his long LoL career, it looks like he is as sharp as ever as the Team Liquid ADC managed to come out on top in a difficult fight, displaying great in-game knowledge to survive.

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Riot GamesTeam Liquid are bootcamping in Europe to prepare for Worlds 2019.
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The North American star was streaming during his climb on the EUW ranked ladder, queued with his teammate Jensen, who urged him to take an early fight despite Doublelift’s low health.

“Wait, I have nothing,” said Doublelift, reluctantly helping although his abilities were on cooldown, however, it was not long before he became the target of the enemy support, who landed a hook and an Ignite Summoner spell on the Liquid pro to burn down his health.

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Doublelift feared that it was over for him, hilariously calling himself ‘worthless’ as his character was locked down by the Nautilus player, “I am a worthless human being!”

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His support and jungler quickly came to his aid, giving Doublelift a chance to survive by creating space between him and the enemy support.

However, he decided to keep fighting, fully aware that the lifesteal from his Doran’s blade and the health restored by his Triumph rune when securing the kill was the only way he could prevent himself from dying to the Ignite spell. “No no, I need Triumph,” he explained.

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As expected, the health gathered was just enough to keep him alive and he could not help but laugh at the situation as his health bar had ticked all the way down to 1hp before it was eventually restored.

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Although he managed to survive the incredibly unlikely fight, he decided he wouldn’t push his luck any further and quickly recalled to his base to heal up before continuing on.

Doublelift will now have to look forward to his tournament run at Worlds 2019, where Team Liquid will face the reigning world champions, Invictus Gaming, in a much-anticipated rematch, after their shock upset over the Chinese roster during MSI, to kick off their group stage on October 13.

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