League of Legends

Doublelift calls out League of Legends devs over invisible Nunu glitch

by Joe O'Brien


Team Liquid League of Legends star Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng encountered a bizarre glitch which allowed the enemy jungler to appear out of nowhere.

While pushed up in his lane, Doublelift suddenly found himself falling victim to a gank by the enemy Nunu, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere from the river, having seemingly been invisible until he was right on top of Doublelift’s Miss Fortune.

Doublelift was quick to express his frustration at the issue, taking aim at the developers for their failure to fix an issue that has “been in the game for years.”


The Team Liquid pro exclaimed: “No! This game is sh*t, this game is so f*cking bad! League of Legends is so garbage, this bug has been in the game for like f*cking years, how could they not fix it? I don’t understand, like how f*cking bad do the developers have to be not to fix this bug, what the f*ck. Holy sh*t that’s so triggering.”

The bug wasn’t only on Doublelift’s end either, as his teammate Thresh can also be seen hitting ‘missing’ pings on the location Nunu appeared from, and immediately reacting with “HE JUST APPEARED” in the chat.

Doublelift later explained that not only had Nunu been invisible until the champion was effectively on top of him, but Nunu’s icon had actually appeared on the opposite side of the map not long before – although this isn’t visible in the original clip as Doublelift covers much of the minimap while streaming.


This additional problem makes the issue even greater, as not only do the players not see the enemy Nunu coming, but they’re even baited into playing more aggressively on the assumption that he cannot possibly be there and leaving them helpless to escape when the jungler then suddenly arrives.

Riot has yet to respond to the issue, but players have reported that this bug only occurs the first time the team encounters the opposing Nunu. So, if you find yourself against the champion, it might be wise to play safe until he’s been spotted at least once, or perhaps even make active efforts to invade the enemy jungle to make sure he can’t catch you off guard.