Doublelift blasts “horrible” quality of LCS broadcast

Tina Jo for Riot Games

Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng had some harsh words for the quality of the LCS broadcast while streaming on Twitch, saying the league is due for massive improvements.

Although Doublelift’s pro career is behind him, he’s stayed relevant in the pro-LoL scene through co-streaming LCS matches throughout the Spring and Summer splits. He’s often joined by fellow pro players Zach ‘Sneaky‘ Scuderi and William ‘Meteos’ Hartman during his LCS streams as they chop it up about the matches and keep the conversation lively.

During the trio’s co-stream of the Cloud9 vs Evil Geniuses matchup, Doublelift lost his mind at the timing of an interview the broadcast played, which overshadowed the actual excitement of the game. With LCS viewership reaching a five-year low point, Doublelift had some extremely harsh words for the LCS, saying there is a ton of room to improve the quality of the broadcast.

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Doublelift in Team Liquid jersey with LCS logoColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games
Doublelift enjoyed arguably the most successful career of any LCS player.

Doublelift’s LCS criticism

While streaming on Twitch, DL got honest about one of the main factors he sees holding the LCS back from being a premiere League of Legends pro-league: The quality of the broadcast. He said, “I’ve talked about this a bunch, obviously I think the quality of the broadcast… it’s horrible. It’s f***king horrible. Why do you guys think people watch my co-stream? I don’t even think I’m that good of a streamer. It’s just because the analysis on the LCS official broadcast is a joke. It’s a f***king joke.

“The entertainment factor, the production… it could all be improved so much. I think if LCS improves their broadcast, some people will come back for sure.”

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Doublelift’s co-stream viewership has been quite high, averaging in the upper 10,000 viewer range and occasionally higher. He sees this as an indication that people would rather watch his stream rather than the official LCS programming, as he doesn’t see the analysis as interesting or valuable.

However, he doesn’t take a defeatist attitude towards his issues with the broadcast, leaving hope that it could be fixed in the future, thus strengthening the LCS overall.