DoinB reportedly fined by the LPL for leaking information

. 3 weeks ago
DoinB LoL Worlds 2019
Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Kim ‘DoinB’ Taesang is more than just a pro player and World Champion — in recent years, he’s become the primary source of a huge amount of leaked information surrounding LPL rosters. But now, he’s revealed that these leaks have come at a price. 

Information surrounding the LPL can be difficult to come by. Roster leaks for the LEC, LCS, and occasionally LCK, have become prevalent in recent years, but the LPL has always retained a certain air of mystery as to the comings and goings of its players.

But DoinB has turned himself into one of the primary sources of LPL news. He’s leaked numerous LPL roster moves via his personal livestream, one of the few sources of information about the inner workings of the LPL offseason.

However, those leaks have come at a price. Recently, he claimed that he had been fined 60k RMB (around 7.5K USD) for leaking the start date of the 2022 Summer split by the LPL.

The extent of the fines

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time DoinB was fined for leaking LPL information. According to his comments on stream, he’s been fined “hundreds of thousands” of RMB for various information leaks.

Outside of the Summer split start date, it’s unclear which leaks exactly he’s being fined for.

Earlier this year, he was responsible for leaking information that the LPL’s representative would have to play remotely at MSI 2022, and has revealed multiple offseason transfers before they were officially announced.

It’s uncommon for players themselves to be the ones responsible for leaking confidential information. DoinB’s punishment by Riot China could set a precedent to dissuade others from following in his footsteps — but if he’s been receiving fines since 2019, it’s clear that they aren’t doing much to slow him down.

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