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CouRage rage quits & uninstalls League of Legends: “The worst people in gaming”

Published: 1/Jul/2021 10:32 Updated: 1/Jul/2021 11:31

by Alex Garton


Twitch streamer and YouTuber Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has announced that he’s uninstalled and quit League of Legends after being matched with countless “deadweight” teammates over and over again.

As any League of Legends player will know, having a feeding teammate can make it incredibly difficult to win a game. Even if you’re hard carrying and picking up multiple kills, a top laner with 12 deaths at 15 minutes can easily stop you in your tracks.

This frustration is only amplified when attempting to climb in ranked, where every loss will result in a deduction of LP and potentially, even demotion.


So, it’s no surprise to see online personality CouRage sharing a similar experience to a lot of LoL players when they’re struggling to climb the ranked ladder.

Taking to Twitter, he voiced that he was quitting the game, blaming it on the Silver community and labeling them the “worst people in gaming”.

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CouRage has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

CouRage quits and uninstalls League of Legends

After a long day of grinding LoL on July 1, CouRage announced that he was quitting the game on Twitter. According to the streamer, this was the 28th time he’d deleted the game in the last 10 years and blamed it completely on the Silver community in ranked.


He even went as far as to label the players in Silver as the worst people in gaming.

“I’d like to announce I’ve uninstalled League of Legends for the 28th time across the last 10.5 years… Again, the horrible community in the Silver level is the reason I quit, truly the worst people in gaming.”

Esports personality and caster Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles responded to the tweet, explaining that duoing in ranked will put you at a massive disadvantage.

He advised that CouRage plays ranked solo or else the matchmaking system will assume you are better than you are.

“Unfortunately, the matchmaking system can put you at a disadvantage with teammates if you are a duo… It compensates by putting donkeys on your team.”


In his final tweet, CouRage revealed the scorelines of some of his teammates and it’s easy to see why he was so frustrated. In a single night, he had three top laners that fed with over eight deaths each and no kills.

On top of this, none of the players cared about losing and were happy just to continue feeding throughout every single one of his matches.

“It’s truly astonishing. I had 3 teammates tonight in 3 different games in top lane go 0/8, 0/14, and 0/14.”

If his previous record is anything to go by, it’s likely CouRage will re-download LoL in the next couple of weeks and continue to grind.


As the game is so fun and addicting, this is a cycle a lot of LoL players go through. Despite this, a period of time away from the game can make a huge difference and reinvigorate a player’s motivation to get back on the ranked grind.

Let’s just hope the next time CouRage jumps back onto LoL, he gets a skilled team that’s hungry to pick up a win.