Cloud9’s Perkz mocks Fnatic as “easy” opponent as he picks dream Worlds group

Perkz with C9Riot Games

Cloud9 midlaner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković poked fun at former LEC rivals Fnatic in a September 7 stream, calling them an “easy win” as he described his dream group for Worlds.

During a Twitch stream with former G2 teammate Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle, Perkz took a shot at old LEC rivals Fnatic when describing his dream group for Worlds.

While including Fnatic alongside LPL first seed EDGaming and LCK second seed Gen.G, Perkz described the European team as an “easy win”.

Perkz with C9Riot Games
Perkz is confident Fnatic would be an “easy win” for Cloud9

Dream opponents

During his first stream as partner of Mobalytics on September 7, Perkz he was asked by stream chat who his dream group for World would be.

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Perkz quickly answered that his dream group was “Fnatic, Gen.G, and FPX”, but amended his answer to include EDward Gaming after remembering they were the LPL top seed.

“Getting China’s first seed is good because the difference between China first seed and China second seed is not that big, while the difference between the first seed and second seed in Korea is pretty big,” he explained. “Yeah, Fnatic is an easy win, that’s for sure.”

He went on to also dub T1 and the rest of the Korean contingent, with exception of DWG, as easy wins.

Perkz did, however, acknowledge the challenge posed by the Chinese teams at Worlds.

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“LPL is going to be hard,” he said. “I’m going to admit, I know where to put my boundaries.”

After Mikyx remarked that Gen.G and Fnatic would likely enjoy the proposed group as well, Perkz dubbed it the “Group of Life”.

Cloud9 during 2021 Spring splitRiot Games
Cloud9 enter Worlds as a play-in team

While the comments were mostly light-hearted, they speak to the rivalry Perkz shared with Fnatic during his five-year tenure in the LEC with G2.

If a Perkz-Fnatic rematch is to occur at Worlds, Cloud9 will first need to successfully navigate the play-in stage.