Chinese League of Legends star Uzi taking “indefinite” break from competitive play

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After leaving retirement to join Bilibili Gaming in the LPL at the start of 2022, legendary AD Carry Uzi will be taking a break from pro play according to a post on Bilibili Gaming’s official Weibo account.

The return of Uzi was one of the most hotly anticipated moves of the 2022 offseason.

Widely considered one of the best AD Carries to ever play the game, Uzi retired in 2020 due to debilitating health conditions that were affecting his ability to compete. His return with BLG in 2022 came after a year spent extensively working on his health and fitness in order to be back to full fighting fitness.

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He came back as one of two starting AD Carries for BLG, the second being PCS rookie Chiu ‘Doggo’ Tzu-Chuan. The plan was for the two players to split time across the split, giving Uzi the freedom to take time out should his health begin to worsen again. However, Doggo ended up starting the majority of BLG’s games.

Taking time away

Only two days before the opening match of the LPL Spring Playoffs, BLG announced that Uzi will be taking an indefinite break from competing. The announcement to the team’s Weibo stated that the decision had been made “in full co-operation” with Uzi.

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From the announcement, it appears that, as of right now, the move is not permanent. BLG explained that the team’s “overall progress has not been satisfactory” and that Uzi’s break would allow him time to “rest for a period of time and improve his condition.” (Note: translation based on Google Translate software)

Bilibili Gaming’s opponent for the first round of the playoffs is as yet undecided, but the roster will compete, Uzi-less, on March 26.

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