Can Bjergsen Carry TSM To Worlds? LCS Recap ft. Ashley Kang

TSM For Worlds

Ashley Kang joins Yinsu Collins for Dexerto’s LCS playoffs recap, looking back at the first week of the LCS playoffs including TSM’s narrow scrape past Golden Guardians, and forward to their hyped matchup vs Cloud9 for a worlds spot.

There are four teams remaining in the LCS playoffs going into week two, but only three of them can go to worlds. FlyQuest and Team Liquid have already solidified their spot, and that leaves just Cloud9 and TSM left to battle it out for the final spot to represent their region at worlds in Shanghai later this year.

We also take a look at how FlyQuest achieved their worlds qualification and speak with their coach DLim shed some light on how his time at Schalke helped with this run and how there are similarities between Schalke’s miracle run and FlyQuest’s qualification.

We recap all of the action so far and look forward to that all-important match, with insights from C9 top-laner Licorice and FlyQuest coach DLim.