C9 Zven apologizes to TL Yeon after LCS trash talk

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After a trash-talking all chat from Team Liquid’s Yeon toward Cloud9, Zven passed right by Yeon on-stage after the game instead of fist-bumping him, resulting in drama between the two players.

Cloud 9’s match against Team Liquid started with a bang. Team Liquid heavily focused Cloud9’s bot lane and put them extremely far behind, making it look like a very TL-favored match.

After coming out of the early game ahead, Yeon put a few messages in all chat, saying that Cloud9’s academy team was better than their LCS roster. Zven wasn’t happy to say the least.

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After Cloud9 won the match, Zven walked right by Yeon and passed on giving him a fist bump after the game. He later apologized for his actions on stage, but Yeon didn’t accept.

Yeon trash talks Zven and he responds in kind

Yeon spent a long time in Academy (now the NACL). He was one of, if not the best ADC outside of the LCS that was competing in North America, and set the bar for other players in his role.

According to accounts from the players involved, Diplex fired the first shot in all chat by typing “xdd” after a failed play from Team Liquid.

This was followed by TL taking down Cloud9’s bot lane in an early game tower dive. Yeon took to all chat to clap back, saying that Cloud9’s NACL team was much better than the main C9 roster.

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Zven thought this was “distasteful” from them and was angered by what was said in chat. After Cloud9 turned the game around and pulled out a win, he responded by passing right by Yeon and fist bumping the rest of the players on Team Liquid.

Fudge explained what went down in his post-game broadcast segment alongside QTCinderella.

Zven appeared to mouth “back to academy” as he walked right by Yeon. After his actions on stage, Zven apologized. An apology that Yeon didn’t accept.

What started as a few all-chat messages may have started a brand-new LCS rivalry between these teams. There’s clearly a score to settle here. Cloud9’s rematch against Team Liquid later in the season is one to keep an eye on.

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