C9 Jensen achieves elusive LCS career milestone in victory over Evil Geniuses

C9 JensenTwitter @C9LoL

Jensen became the fourth LCS player ever to reach 2000 career kills in Cloud9’s playoff series versus Evil Geniuses on August 28.

As one of the longest-standing pro players in the LCS, Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen has achieved just about every career milestone available to him in competitive League of Legends.

On August 28, he added another accolade to his collection – becoming the fourth-ever LCS player to reach 2,000 career kills. He joined Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, Yilianbg ‘Doublelift’ Peng, and Jason ‘Wildturtle’ Tran in the third and game of C9’s 3-1 victory against Evil Geniuses in the LCS playoffs.

Despite Jensen’s incredible achievement, the game actually resulted in a loss for C9. It was their only loss of the series, in which they pulled out a commanding 3-1 victory versus EG, and advanced to the next stage of the LCS Summer playoffs.

This playoffs victory also secured C9 their spot at the 2022 World Championships, where they’ll join 100 Thieves and one more LCS team in representing North America on the international stage.

Styling on Evil Geniuses

Not only did Jensen achieve 2,000 all-time LCS kills, he did it on one of his most-played champions of all time – LeBlanc.

Jensen’s LeBlanc is one of his most iconic and best-performing picks. He boasts a 77% win rate over 50 career games on her, and an impressive KDA of 6.8. She’s also been his most-played champion of 2022.

Her high-mobility kit was just what Cloud9 needed to help polish off the final few kills versus Evil Geniuses in their heroic base defense in Game 3.

With their nexus down to below half health, and Evil Geniuses looking to secure their first victory in the series, Cloud9 put it all on the line for a last-ditch effort at defending their base, and securing themselves the 3-0.

Although they eventually ended up losing the game, they put on a masterclass in defensive play, punishing Evil Geniuses for even the slightest of oversteps and securing an ace with all three of the inhibitors down.